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October 12, 2019

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Rome, Italy

Q. 1-over through 11, was that a victory for patience and persistence?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, Billy just kept talking me through it. Just be patient. I said to him down the hill on 12, it didn't feel like I should be 1-over. It felt like the way my swing felt, I didn't hit as many good as good shots as I would have liked around the turn, so that cost me a little bit. Put me back. But to finish the way I did, was great.

Q. How important were the par saves at 11 and 12, because at that stage, you had gone from one in front to three behind. You needed something to keep the momentum going?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Definitely. They were huge. Yeah, they were really, really important, and they felt really good, as well, because it's something I've been working on, and short game, obviously everyone is always working on something, but it's just to see it pay off today, particularly under the pressure was good.

Q. You'll play in the final group tomorrow with Kurt Kitayama. Do you know him?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: I've never played with him. I spent a couple evenings with him, dinner. Didn't know him until obviously he won twice. Nice kid. Yeah, should be a good afternoon.

Q. You've won in each of your four previous seasons on Tour and the opportunity tomorrow to extend that to five. How much are you looking forward to that?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, great. To put myself one in front going into that is gives me a little bit of help, but yeah, I'm just looking forward and ready to go already.

Q. How important was that stretch you around the turn? Holed some key putts, and the way you closed it out today?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, to get up-and-down on 11 and 12 there, not easy chips to be honest, or easy bunker shot, either. To sort of get out there with two pars just allowed me to sort of come into those final six holes, seven holes with being able to push a little bit harder.

Q. The commentators said today that you're arguably the best wedge player in the world. How good have those clubs been to you this week?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: That's a really funny comment. My dad will see this; he'll be saying the complete opposite to that, my dad and my manager. It's something I've worked really hard on the whole year.

Went off a little bit in the summer and we sort of got it back on track and this week it's been really good and been so valuable. Without it this week, I definitely wouldn't be where I am.

Q. Final group tomorrow, looking forward to it?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I'm comfortable there. That's what you get up for in the morning when you play on truer tour. Try to play in final groups try to win tournaments, and to be there tomorrow is exciting.

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