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October 11, 2019

Justin Rose

Rome, Italy

Q. Nice to see the putt drop at 9. Overall reflect on day two.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, overall, 69 keeps moving forward. This golf course is no given by any means. There are birdie opportunities out there, but whenever I made a mistake I feel like it was a big mistake. I was either very much out of position a couple other times.

11, my second hole today, holed a 10-foot putt for bogey, and the third hole, which is 12th, had to get up-and-down for bogey and eventually made the double. So I was threatening to make double. I think that's the only thing. When I make a mistake, it's just too big a mistake at the moment.

What I am doing is putting it behind me really well, generally bouncing back well the next hole. 18, to finish 6, 6, would have made even Italian food taste bad.

I'm just absorbing so much more. I'm absorbing mistakes. I'm taking advantage of good shots. If I can really get back in the groove in my swing a little bit, it would be a great combination. It's a funny thing about golf. You figure the putting out, and everything else tends to go awry. Goes to show you, golf is made up of so many different elements.

For me, I have to get my long game a little tighter and my chipping a little bit tighter going into next year and just try to keep the momentum, because I've been really confident. The good thing about the playing is that I know what I'm doing and the process that's been carrying me through week-to-week.

My bad putting weeks, I can still putt poorly but my bad is now average.

Q. With your long game, anything in particular you can highlight?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm really close. Today I hit a lot more quality shots. The range is good. To be honest this week I just felt like I've been patching it up on the road. Haven't had two or three weeks that I've really needed to work and really grind and put a few more reps in.

So looking forward to some time off over the off-season to putt in some work, not off-season to put the clubs away. I feel like I actually need to work. It's hard to patch up on the road.

Q. I know you're excited about the end of the season on The European Tour?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's a great spot. That's all you need to do the first few days is put yourself in it, and obviously got to play well on Sunday to win always. First couple of days, every player could walk off feeling they have been better here, there and everywhere. Today I left a few out there.

Over the course of two days, delighted with where I'm at, and yeah, obviously having a big run at the end of The European Tour season.

Q. Assessment of your day's play?
JUSTIN ROSE: Kind of a little erratic, really, today. Kept threaten to go make double all day. My second hole of the day, holed a 10-foot putt for bogey. My 12th hole, had to up-and-down out of a bunker for bogey, and unfortunately, eventually, did make double on my second-to-last hole there.

Poor finish, but there was some good stuff, as well. But whenever I did make a mistake, put it behind me. Always tended to make some birdies after that. Putter again was pretty solid. Happy with that. I did hit a couple more quality golf shots which is nice.

When you do see it come out on the golf course as it does on the range, you know you're getting close and you just need up to the frequency of that. I did hit a couple of very good shots today.

Happy with the day's work. Yesterday I walked off maxing out what I could have scored. Today I left a few out there but everyone can walk off saying something similar.

Q. When things don't go necessarily your way on the course, how do you manage that?
JUSTIN ROSE: I always try to tell myself a story or sell myself a story. I have a few mental strategies I try to employ. Sometimes I play match play against the course if I think I've gone cold. Other times, I'll break it down into sort of chunks, so it doesn't seem like a big, uphill battle if you're behind. Chunk it up a little bit.

Other times, I try to just literally hit nine out of ten golf shots and tally up how many I can hit in a day. Try to take the emphasis off the leaderboard sometimes. I think that's a good strategy sometimes for a second or third round, and Sunday, it's all about just getting it done, but you've got to yourself in position.

Q. Can you give us more on match play against the golf course?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sometimes I just make a game up. I'll say, right, scratch a line on my scorecard and say I'm 3-down with eight to play. Just see if I can win the match. Just change my mind-set a bit.

Rest up now. It was an early morning, early start. The golf course this morning felt tricky. It was very damp and a lot of dew. Once the sun came out and dried up, you felt like you could get after it again. Tomorrow afternoon, hopefully have more of the same and come out strong.

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