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October 11, 2019

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Rome, Italy

Q. 6-under par round of 65 for a total of 10-under. Reflect on that one for us?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Yeah, just a really, really solid day. Figured out something with my irons after the second hole. Just needed to get a little bit more loft on it going back, something I've been working on since Wentworth, really. Just felt much more comfortable with my irons once I was out there. That certainly showed. Only missed one green after that.

Q. Is that something you often do, make an adjustment in-round?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: Not particularly. Tend to know what I've done wrong but trusting it is the other thing. I think something like that has been quite easy, given that I've been working hard at it the last couple of weeks, really.

I think with the weather, as well, as crazy as it sounds, no wind, you're not fighting anything. It's there in front of you, and just have to hit the shots.

Q. J.B. Hansen posted 5-under par early. Did that give you something to aim at? What was the mind-set on the back nine?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: I think I got to 7, and thought, now I'm sort of in the mix, really, which is obviously where you want to be. I did feel the way I played on the front nine, I was able to push it on the back, certainly, to obviously get to 10.

Q. You will lead into the weekend. Give us your thoughts on being in that position.
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK: It's always nice, yeah. Been a little while -- well, I say a little while, Germany, which was back in June, last time I was challenging; Sweden. Yeah, look, when you're in these kind of positions, it's always exciting. That's why you play the game, and look forward to the weekend.

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