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October 9, 2019

Jack Flaherty

Atlanta, Georgia - postgame 5

Cardinals - 13, Braves - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jack Flaherty.

Q. Shildt mentioned that maybe your mentality changes a little bit when you're 10-0 ahead. Does it?
JACK FLAHERTY: I think that's kind of an easy thing to do. You get up 10 runs, and I think for some guys you take your foot off the gas. But that first inning right there, they put up 10, and I mean what can you say?

You get a 10-run lead in a game like that and take the crowd out of it. It sucked to walk the first hitter. You want to go out and try to put up zeros as much as you can. And then coming back from that and getting a big out there to kind of end that inning was huge with Markakis. So it was just about continuing to go out and battling and keeping my foot on the gas.

Q. Is it possible you could come back and pitch in LA this weekend or Washington, wherever you play?
JACK FLAHERTY: I don't know what day the games are or what day of the week it is right now. So whenever they tell me to go again is when I'll go again.

Q. What did Acuña say to you, or could you tell?
JACK FLAHERTY: I don't know what he said. He took exception to getting hit. But that's the way it is. We were trying to go in and get in there. We go in, we're going to go in tight.

I've gone in tight on a bunch of those guys in this game and in this series and that one went a little bit tighter than we wanted. So he took exception to it. And the series is over. It's done with. We're moving on.

Q. How surprised were you when you saw that 10-run mark in the first inning?
JACK FLAHERTY: That's going to surprise anybody. Our guys are going to go out and do their job. But 10 runs is something else. That's something else to really get right there. So you get 10 runs like that and it makes my job easier. But also we've got to stay locked in and go out, put up zeros as much as we can and keep shutting them down.

Q. How much did you want this chance after the way 2 ended for you?
JACK FLAHERTY: Yeah, 2 was tough. Folty went out, and we said it, we said he pitched the game of his life in Game 2. And we were right there in it. And then Duvall put a good swing on it, extended the lead, put them up 3. But I gave it everything I had in that game. And here it was more of the same. Just our guys, they came out and they put it on them early.

Q. Shildt said that after -- you weren't very happy with the fifth, that you wanted one more inning. Is that how that conversation went, pretty much?
JACK FLAHERTY: Yeah, I knew where my tank was and I knew I hadn't emptied it yet. And he said, You're done. I was like, I'm good. I knew where the tank was at. And I knew it wasn't on empty yet. And I knew I had still at least another one in me. And I was going to go out and he said you don't have a lot of pitches to work with.

We got the two ground balls. Kolt made a really good ground play and Paulie made the routine one and then we got the punchout.

As many zeros as I could go out and put up there until he told me I was done or until I felt I was done, we were going to do that.


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