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October 8, 2019

Tommy Pham

Willy Adames

Tampa Bay, Florida - postgame 4

Tampa Bay - 4, Houston - 1

Q. Tommy, you were the first one in the series to really break through against Verlander. Talk about that at-bat, what you saw.
TOMMY PHAM: Made some really good pitches on me. First pitch, curveball. Then he started dumping sliders. And 2-2, he decided to throw a change-up, and, I mean, he pitches me tough. I just happened to put a good swing on that pitch.

Q. Willy, your relay, if you could take us through that. You got the relay from Kiermaier and threw a laser to Travis.
WILLY ADAMES: I was excited. That's a play I always want to make. I always want to try to make the throw. Today, we started with that great throw that KK did to me, and, you know, we were able to get Altuve out, who's pretty fast.

Q. Willy, still on that play, can a team get momentum defensively as well?
WILLY ADAMES: Yeah. You know, I'd say for me personally that I was -- I will say that's one of the most exciting plays that's going to happen in a game.

I guess, you know, the team got fired up after that play.

TOMMY PHAM: Plays like that, it's contagious. When one of your teammates makes a great play, it usually leads to more great plays. It's contagious. Just like hitting. When guys are putting together good at-bats, it's contagious.

Q. Tommy, your teammates always marvel at how good you are, your intensity. I think you've taken it up in the postseason. You're hitting .429. Are you feeling it?
TOMMY PHAM: Just a lot of balls are finding holes. I felt like in the season, I had a lot of hard-hit outs against this team. So I guess it's starting to even out. But I'm shocked Cash said that, man. I didn't say many good things about him today.

Q. He also said he's afraid to say something to you because you might pinch him in the neck.
TOMMY PHAM: Yeah. Me and him go at it.

Q. Coming back from Houston down 0-2 and now with an opportunity to go back to Houston to move on to the Championship Series, can you just describe the feeling, what these last two days have been like and the opportunity that you have to go out and finish this, even if against a tough guy like Gerrit Cole?
TOMMY PHAM: It's been amazing. I said earlier after the game that I've played in atmospheres like this, you know. But none of my teammates or most of my teammates haven't. They're all young and inexperienced in the big leagues. So I'm happy that everyone here gets to play in this kind of atmosphere, because once you get a taste of it, you just want more of it.

You see how much it's helping us. Like the crowd is getting loud, everyone is on their toes, ready to make a play, wanting to make a play. It's propelled us here.

WILLY ADAMES: It's been really good. That crowd has been really good.

Q. Willy, we talked yesterday about being more patient against Verlander. Obviously, that paid off. He had 52 pitches through two innings. Does that same approach, obviously, go with Cole on Thursday?
WILLY ADAMES: Yeah. I would say that, you know. We want to make him go out of the game early in the game, if we can in the first inning. But I'd say that we'll have the same mentality, try to get good pitches for us, swing at his pitch and have the same mentality we had today that we worked against Verlander.

Q. For either of you, you're the only game on tonight, I believe. So America got to see what a lot of us have seen all year. Do you think everyone got to see what you guys can do?

WILLY ADAMES: Of course.

TOMMY PHAM: Hey, I hate to say it. About time, you know. Because we have a really good team over here. And to win 96 games in this division with New York and Boston is an impressive feat. And all year, you know, we've been getting talked down. And now, you know, with the last two games, the way we played, the whole world has seen how good of a team we are and how well-rounded we are.

Everyone has seen great plays defensively. You've seen great pitching. And everyone's starting to see the arms we have. Pretty much everyone throws 95-plus. Our hitting is starting to wake up, which is a good sign.

WILLY ADAMES: We have a bunch of stuff, man. A lot of good pitching. I'm just happy that, you know, like he said, everybody gets to see it now. Hopefully, they'll start talking better about us.

TOMMY PHAM: About us.

Q. Willy, you've seen No. 4 come in the at beginning of games. What was it like seeing him come in in the ninth to get the last two outs?
WILLY ADAMES: That was amazing. I didn't think he was going to come in. But having everybody accountable like that just tells you that we want to win. When he was coming in, I knew he had it. So when I went to the mound, you know, they were talking. I told him, Hey, you got this, man. I love you and we trust you, have your back. Just do your thing.

TOMMY PHAM: I loved it, man. Did y'all see -- did you hear how loud they were playing his walkout? Did you see me in the dugout? I was lit. Man.

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