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October 8, 2019

Brandon Lowe

Tampa Bay, Florida - pregame 4

Q. Brandon, I think Sunday at the workout, you were asked about the feeling of the group down 2-0, and you said motivated. So describe the reason why you said that and maybe what your feeling in the clubhouse is today going into game 4.
BRANDON LOWE: I think it's more of the same. Really, just I think I said that because nobody in our clubhouse was feeling down or no one was hanging their heads. Everyone believed that we had the ability to come back against the team that we're playing.

We have the talent in that clubhouse that we could take on the obstacle of coming back from a 2-0 deficit.

Q. Brandon, pretty simple question. How do you change this against Justin Verlander after game 1?
BRANDON LOWE: Hit the balls that he's throwing. Honestly, just really keep it simple. Don't try to go up there and try to do too much. He's a great pitcher. He has really good stuff. The moment you try to do too much against a pitcher like that is when you're going to get outside of yourself and be swinging at pitches you shouldn't be swinging at, stuff like that.

You've just got to really stay calm up there and really hunt good pitches.

Q. Brandon, two-part question. First, when did you know that you'd be able to come back? Cash was talking about he didn't think you'd be able to make it back this season.
BRANDON LOWE: Really, I think it was after we came back, sat down with Koco, he kind of gave us the timetable of when he thought it was possible to come back. I think the next day, I sat down with Hark and Ryan, our nutritionist, and just said, Listen, I want to be back. There's a shot at making the postseason. I want to come back and give Cash the option to let me help the team a little bit in that aspect.

Thankfully, they were right there with me. They thought that getting after it in treatment, feeding myself the right way, getting the right nutrition in was going to help me come back. And ended up being a lot faster than we originally thought it was going to be.

Q. The other part, since you heard the tail end of Cash's comments, how would you describe his running style?
BRANDON LOWE: I haven't seen him run the entire time I've known him, so ... (Laughter.)

Q. Brandon, a lot of players on a lot of teams in this game can talk about what a big crowd is like. Played before a big crowd yesterday, electric crowd. What's that like? What can that do for a player?
BRANDON LOWE: Last night was awesome, to, you know, be able to stand out there and kind of look up and see everyone standing up, cheering, waving the yellow towels around.

It was incredible. It makes it that much easier on yourself. You know that you have the support of everyone out there. It was just an awesome experience to have, especially in the Trop. It's a lot louder, and it's just a great atmosphere.

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