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October 8, 2019

Brian Snitker

St. Louis, Missouri - Workout Day

THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with Brian Snitker.

Q. Is there a chance that Adam Duvall is in the lineup tomorrow? And if so, even if he's not, will you tinker with the lineup in any way, shape or form?
BRIAN SNITKER: That's something I've been thinking about. I mean, I've been thinking about a lot of things, but that's one of the topics.

Q. Do you recall what you told Folty when he got sent down to Gwinnett? And was there anything in that moment that you could have foretold that he would be in this position now?
BRIAN SNITKER: We had a conversation when he went down just about where he was at then and then performance, and where we knew he could be, and it's the old -- the sad thing is taking a step back to take two forward, things of that nature.

And he was very receptive. Like I say. I'll reiterate, like before, I admire how he went down there and got himself going and put himself in this position that he's in tomorrow.

Q. What did he gain, do you think, from his last postseason appearance here in terms of his confidence?
BRIAN SNITKER: I think it had to be really good, with his performance, because he's had some really good postseason performances like division-clinching performances. The last two years he's pitched in some big games for us and come through. And I think he's very prepared for what he's going to go through tomorrow.

Q. You said you've been thinking about a lot of things. Obviously you're doing that anyway, but Game 5, elimination scenario, you've got to go through all these things you could or might do and things that -- things don't normally happen, right?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah, it's a different animal. And we'll line everything up. That's why I'm glad that we're working out today, so guys can run around, see how everybody feels, where they're at. I can't think to a man that anybody's not going to be ready to go and be available tomorrow.

I think it's definitely an all-hands-on-deck, and guys are going to be excited and anxious and ready to go.

Q. Even with everyone available, do you think that Fried may play an even bigger role tomorrow, maybe a multi-inning type guy, or just the same way?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah, he'll definitely be available for that now having two days off. And multi-innings in the National League gets you the next at-bat depending on where that falls. Sometimes you'd like to have a guy go multi-innings, but it rolls around and all of a sudden you've got that one or two extra hitters that half inning that's going to eat into maybe an inning that you could get out of that guy.

But I think we'll be versed and we're going to have plenty of guys available to be able to get through that game tomorrow. And it will be a lot of matchup-driven, whatever their lineup is, things like that too.

Q. I know most of these guys are young and they don't think about it, but you've been around this franchise a long time. Obviously some postseason heartache in games like this. Does that weigh at all, do you think, on this team or do you all think about it at all going into this?
BRIAN SNITKER: No, I don't think any of those guys in there think about any of that. Most of them don't remember it. They were probably in grade school. And they talk about that -- well, you haven't won a playoff series, whatever -- and, again, I say we haven't won one in a year as far as I'm concerned. This is our second year with this group.

But I don't think guys process that and think too much about it. I think their focus, their energy and their passion and the whole thing is going to be on that game tomorrow.

Q. You just expect a real tight 4-3, 3-2, 5-4 --
BRIAN SNITKER: After the last few days, last week, yeah, it's kind of like where we're going. This has been an unbelievable series. My God, both teams just banging at each other and the close games and the late-inning heroics. It's been something.

It's been exhausting, I know when you're a part of it. But it's been a heck of a series both sides. I guess it's only fitting that we're going to be going out there in a winner-take-all type atmosphere tomorrow.

So this place will be rocking. And it's going to be a great experience, I think. And it's going to be fun to feel and experience what we're in for tomorrow.

Q. When you look at Freddie, do you see someone who is feeling right?
BRIAN SNITKER: No, I don't know that he is, just by performance. But I know he's Freddie Freeman. He's a special animal. And he's a special player. And at any point in time this guy can -- because I've seen it over and over and over, man, he could come out -- he's the type of guy that will come out tomorrow and put everybody on their shoulders and take them for a ride.

Q. How did you see Ozzie evolve as a switch hitter, especially from the left side?
BRIAN SNITKER: Oh, man, it's been unbelievable this year. From where we started to where we are right now, the work, the dedication that he's put into it, the growth, I think the confidence.

He's exactly who I think a year ago when we were talking about him and the struggles he had in the second half and the way the season started, this is what everybody envisioned Ozzie Albies being. And you just had to have patience.

In this life, industry, the world right now, man, they want everything right now. And you've got to have patience with players. You forget that they're young players with limited experience in the Major Leagues and they're going to continue to get better as they work.

When you've got a guy like Ozzie that's as heady as he is, has confidence in his ability, all he needed was experience and experience in different things. And I think in doing so, you're seeing the player that you see now.


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