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October 7, 2019

Luis Severino

Gleyber Torres

Minneapolis, Minnesota - postgame 3

Yankees - 5, Twins - 1

Q. At your young age, what does it feel like to have contributed the way you did in the series to the point that you're wearing the belt?
GLEYBER TORRES: I feel good, happy. I do the job. I help my team in every situation. I do defense. Sevy and all the bullpen do their job. We won the game. That is the most important, and now it's time to celebration.

Q. Luis, two-part question. That inning had the bases loaded, no outs, got out of it. How much momentum did that give you for the rest of the outing? And the effect of knowing that you had the rested bullpen behind you?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think that situation right there set the tone for the rest of the game. I think that was the chance for the Twins to score, and I'm happy that I could throw good pitches enough to get out of that inning. The bullpen, I'm not worried about it because I'm a guy that wants to go there and try to be as long as possible.

Q. How do you think you guys were able to separate yourselves from the Twins over the course of these three games?
LUIS SEVERINO: For me, I think the mix of everything, you know, pitching and defense. I think the Yankees are a team that have been known for hitting a lot of homers, but in this series, we put the ball in play a lot. I think we didn't strike out that much.

GLEYBER TORRES: Yeah, same thing. Our hitters had a really good plan every time we go to home plate, try to put the ball in play and try to make runs. Each opportunity the Twins gave us, we are proud for that, so we tried to make runs and win the games.

Q. Gleyber, I know you're a great player and have had a lot of great moments, but what does a night like this mean to you?
GLEYBER TORRES: I mean, happy. We won the series. I mean, we compete all season long. We know we've got too many injuries, too many bad things, but we focus. We compete every time, and now we got everybody healthy. So Sevy's healthy, all the pitchers healthy, and hitters too. So that is the time to enjoy, play really good baseball like that, and try to win games.

Q. But for yourself to have the big home run to get the game started and those two doubles late, to have a big game like that, what does it mean to you personally?
GLEYBER TORRES: Personally, I'm happy. It doesn't matter if I hit a home run or a double, that is an opportunity to help my team. I just put the ball in play. I know guys behind me do a really good job. So I'm just happy to get opportunity to be on base and try to score a run to help my team.

Q. You guys have a couple extra off days coming up. How do you guys think that will help you prepare for the next series? And what do you plan on doing with them?
LUIS SEVERINO: For us, we don't get a lot of off days. So I think tomorrow we'll see a lot of guys going to the field because the season's not over. Everything's not over. We've got a good step, we're on the right step, but we have to continue doing the same thing, win the series to get to the World Series.

GLEYBER TORRES: Yeah, same thing. Tonight we enjoy the celebration and everything. We've got an off day tomorrow, but the next day go to the ballpark, be focusing on what we want and be ready. Be ready for everything. Be ready for the next series and try to be focused to do the same thing, win games.

Q. Gleyber, you not only contributed tonight with the bat, but also with a great defensive play to get Rosario at first. What does it mean to contribute on that side of the ball, as well?
GLEYBER TORRES: We know that Rosario is a really good hitter. We know that he pull really good balls. In that situation, I just prepared. I go a little bit far to second base. I go almost to the outfield and just prepared. He hit that ball, and I tried to take that out and save a couple runs. So that is really good thing to save a few runs and be continuing to what we do.

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