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March 4, 2005

Joey Snyder III


Q. What was working for you today?

JOEY SNYDER III: Just kind of like yesterday, I hit the ball pretty solid. Coming into the week I wasn't hitting the ball that well and kind of worked a little bit with my teacher and kind of worked a little bit. I wasn't real comfortable going into Thursday, but all of a sudden I just said, let's play golf and everything kind of started going together.

Q. How do you feel about your position on the leaderboard?

JOEY SNYDER III: You know, any time you can be competing with some of these guys, it's fun for me. So I enjoy being up there and any time you can compete, that's what we're out here for.

Q. What about the conditions today, was it soft when you went out?

JOEY SNYDER III: You can see them, it's soggy out there, but for as much rain as they got, those greens were great. They are beautiful. They are reeling nicely and soft, and that's probably why you are seeing lower numbers. It was windy and cold and soft this morning so the golf course played real tough.

Q. Was the wind a factor?

JOEY SNYDER III: It's died down considerably until now.

It was hammering us, you know, for most of the day, I'd say three fourths of the day. It was going pretty good; whereas yesterday afternoon, we had it, as well, so we kind of were used to it this morning.

Q. Paying attention, did you see you had a share of the lead at some point?

JOEY SNYDER III: I had no idea, I had no idea whether I did or not. I don't pay attention all that much. I just play golf and let the chips fall where they may, I guess what I would say, I would consider it that way.

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