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October 7, 2019

Aaron Boone

Minneapolis, Minnesota - postgame 3

Yankees - 5, Twins - 1

Q. Aaron, congratulations.
AARON BOONE: Thank you.

Q. Could you talk about how you navigated that fifth inning bullpen-wise, and what you thought of Sevy's performance up until then?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, I thought Sevy, he made so many big pitches. It wasn't perfect there, and he obviously got into some big trouble there in the second inning, but just so proud of how he navigated. Bases loaded, no outs, and he just locked it in and made pitches.

I think that really kind of embodied the whole night as far as how our guys played. I thought they played such a clean game. They made so many big plays in big spots because I really thought the Twins brought it tonight. They made it difficult. They had traffic, it seemed like all night. Our guys just kept making big pitches when they needed to and big defensive plays.

Sevy, to work as hard as he did the first few innings, obviously to make some huge pitches, and then in the fourth, I thought he kind of settled in. Looked like he started to get into a rhythm there. Once he was up over 80, I wasn't going to push him beyond that. It felt like we were set up to roll the guys out how we wanted to.

It wasn't perfect, but, again, the guys just kept making pitches.

Q. Moving forward with Severino, do you think he's going to get to the point where he can start going 100-plus in five or six innings, or is that important?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, I think he could. I think he's probably kind of there now. So it will just be -- you know, each time out will be a little bit different, but I certainly think he's capable of kind of getting to that point. Some nights, we may not need that when we're set up how we are. We'll just kind of watch him and see how hard it is for him to navigate through some innings, but I feel like he's close to being there anyway.

Q. Aaron, Britton looked like he had some discomfort there when he came out in the seventh, but he went back out for the eighth. Obviously, Aroldis with the five-out save. Can you talk about their performances tonight?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, Brit made a great defensive play getting over there to get a big out there covering the bag and kind of jammed his ankle a little bit. He came in and kind of got stretched out and felt good enough to go back out. We're obviously, at that point, try and split it up as best we could between him and Chappy. He was just a little tender, a little kind of gingerly in really finishing his pitches. We just felt like we needed to get him out of there. Chappy was up and ready to go. It was probably a bit earlier than we wanted, but obviously, Chappy was able to finish it off.

Q. Who do you want to play?
AARON BOONE: You know what, we'll enjoy watching the series unfold, and we'll get ready for whoever it is.

Q. Torres' home run in the second inning, how much did that give you guys a lift here on the road?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, it certainly got us started. Gosh, he played so well in this series, and then today, I think, just continued to show the world just how good a player he is on both sides of the ball. I mean, big defensive plays, extra base hits, stole a base that helped lead to a nice insurance run. But that definitely, I think, at least offensively, gave us a little jolt there early and maybe settled the crowd a little bit as they were, I think, ready to explode.

So what more can you say about Gleyber? He's been great.

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