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October 7, 2019

Stephen Strasburg

Washington, D.C. - postgame 4

Nationals - 6, Dodgers - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your general reaction to what happened tonight and the opportunity that you have ahead come Wednesday.
STEPHEN STRASBURG: Yeah, we got another game to play. Max went out there and pitched great. Offense showed up. So it was really fun to watch.

Q. We know your routine's been important to you all year, coming off a stretch where you couldn't necessarily do that whole routine with the relieving, how have you kind of been able to jump back into that and how has that felt?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: Yeah, it's felt good. It was like normal rest, so just kind of was able to jump right back into it.

Q. You've had some success pitching in the postseason, what about playoff being on the mound in playoff games do you enjoy the most or stands out to you the most?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: I don't know, I mean, I've said this before, I think it's something that you train for, you dream about as a kid, and you want to have those opportunities to just see how your stuff stacks up. When you're in the moment and stuff it's a great feeling, just going out there and competing against the best.

Q. Scherzer and Zimmerman were in here earlier and Max was saying, hey, we're old, we're the old guys around here. The fact that it's you guys and this group and the chance to move on to a Championship Series, considering so many of you have been together for so long what significance does it have that as a group you guys have this opportunity?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: Yeah, I mean it's funny because like you go into the season and obviously we lost a major part of the franchise in the off-season and, but I think it just showed the makeup that we have as an organization and to get back here and to be in similar situations in the past, to have another opportunity to move on, when you appreciate it a lot more, especially when you played a little bit longer, you start to realize how hard it is to get there. All you can really do is just give it everything you have.

Q. Biggest lesson from your earlier appearance against the Dodgers in this series that will help you Wednesday night, what's your biggest take away from Game 2?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: I mean, for me I think it just comes down to execution. I try and focus on the things I can control and good pitching is supposed to get good hitting out most of the time. They always say a guy that gets a hit three out of ten times is in the Hall of Fame, so I'm trying to get him out those seven other times.

Q. Were you in the dugout to see the game tonight and do you have any one image of a best part of Max's night and a best part of Zim's night?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: Yeah, I mean obviously the way he finished up there with bases loaded, I think that he just emptied the tank. And I've seen that many times with him, I wouldn't expect anything less. He's just a true competitor.

With Zim, I think to be able to do that in front of the home crowd was pretty special. I mean he's obviously done that many times over the course of his career and he'll continue to do that, but in a playoff atmosphere it was fun to watch.

Q. 2012 coming off the surgery they shut you down early, don't make it to the postseason, get to experience that. Now here we are eight years later and pitching in a do or die Game 5, arguably the biggest game in this franchise's history to advance to the NLCS. Did you get a chance to kind of stop and soak in the moment and realize your journey to this point?
STEPHEN STRASBURG: No, try not to look in the past, try not to look in the future, really just try and be in the moment. Once you start thinking about how things could have been or what things might happen, it takes your focus away from what your job is.

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