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October 7, 2019

Paul Goldschmidt

John Brebbia

Marcell Ozuna

St. Louis, Missouri - postgame 4

Cardinals - 5, Braves - 4 (10)

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Paul Goldschmidt, Marcell Ozuna and John Brebbia.

Q. Marcell, you have really taken off during the playoffs. How much do you like playing in the postseason here with St. Louis?
MARCELL OZUNA: I'm happy to be here right now. It's the kind of moment I've been waiting for a long time. Right now I have it here. And I'm going to (indiscernible).

Q. Goldy, you've been taking some really good at-bats this postseason. What's the postseason been like so far here in St. Louis, just two games?
PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: Obviously it's fun. That's why you work so hard; you want to get a chance to play in October. I just try to enjoy it. The focus and intensity and all that comes just because you know the situation. So try and enjoy it and try to help us win.

Q. Marcell and Paul, if you could address this: A lot of hitters now are very much home run-oriented. With Yadier Molina, it seems like he's very situation-oriented. So he can get a single to right field if he needs it or sacrifice fly, which he did today. Could you talk about his ability to kind of adjust to situations as a hitter?
MARCELL OZUNA: He's been here, he's been doing this for a lot of years. He know how you play in the postseason. He knows every situation. That's a guy who's working hard all time behind the plate, and offensively he always try to get to move the runner, try to bring him in and that kind of stuff. I don't get surprised on him because he know how to do it.

Q. John, you're out there in the bullpen with Carlos every day. Just how nice was it for you to see him go back and kind of redeem himself today after yesterday?
JOHN BREBBIA: He's got lights-out stuff. And we've all seen him throw a whole bunch. So watching him go out and pitch today is a good thing. It's always good to get some redemption, but it's no surprise with him in how he throws.

Q. John, you described Yadi as the smartest guy on this team a few times. Was there anybody else you'd rather have up to bat there in the tenth?
JOHN BREBBIA: I don't think -- I'd like a lot of guys up there to bat on this team, but he's definitely one that can get a job done. I think he's an excellent hitter, and I definitely trust him when he's at the plate.

Q. Paul, could you address the question I asked Marcell a couple of minutes ago.
PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT: I think the same with Yadi; he works on everything. We all do. We talk about it. But he has that skill set. He's hitting all parts of the order. I mean, we all want to move a runner in that situation, get a ball in the air. But he just finds a way to do it. And that's what makes him one of the greatest of all time.

But it's not an accident. He's working on it in the cage. He works on moving the runner, works on getting the ball in the air, works on hit and run, any situation, he's always working on different situations. And that's what makes him so good at that, and any other skill I'm sure, like catching, he's working on different things there.

So that would just be the point I make, it's not an accident, the success that he has; he works really hard at it. And it doesn't go unnoticed. And it's impressive.


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