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October 7, 2019

Aaron Boone

Minneapolis, Minnesota - pregame 3

Q. Aaron, how significant would it be for you guys to win tonight? Not just to advance, but to also position yourself to be able to rest players and prepare for the next series?
AARON BOONE: Great. Obviously, the first goal is to win a game and then win the series and move on. The quicker we can do it, the better, but we also understand and respect how good of an opponent we're up against, and we know it's going to be difficult, obviously, playing here in their home park now. Hopefully, we can go out, and Sevy can set a nice tone early and get it done.

I mean, we want to win. It would be really nice, I guess.

Q. Aaron, using the same lineup again for the third day, I know it's just as simple to say, well, it work the first two times. How much else goes into that? The pitchers have changed. Their strategy bullpen-wise can change. Is it as simple as the fact that you like the way they looked the first two games?
AARON BOONE: A little bit of that. I was going to stay with the exact same personnel today. I did consider moving some guys to different spots against Odorizzi. I do like the work and the flow we have right now. Obviously, it's a little more healthier group than we've been. So kind of have that luxury of rolling them out in some similar spots.

Q. Aaron, in what way has Severino improved from start to start since he's been back in the big leagues?
AARON BOONE: I think just overall sharpness, command. You know, going back to his first couple of rehab starts, where I didn't see in person, but seeing on video, felt like he got a little better each one. Then his first start with us, I thought was really, really sharp. I feel like he's been, delivery-wise, in control. I feel like his command overall has been pretty good.

I remember the second game against the Angels, where they threw a bunch of lefties at us. I thought he handled that well. Obviously, he's going to face a lot of tough lefties in there tonight, as well as their tough righties.

So feel like he's in a good place physically, and feel like, really since he started back and got on the mound for the first time for his first side coming back, it's gone according to plan. He's bounced back each time and continued to improve. I feel like he's ready to go out and pitch well for us tonight.

Q. Aaron, what was the reaction from your guys when the power went out in your clubhouse?
AARON BOONE: It always does here, so we're used to it.

Q. Does it affect your preparation at all?
AARON BOONE: No. We know, when they go in for the hitters meeting, something with the use of power, the lights go off in certain areas. My office, for one. So it kind of goes in and out a little bit.

Q. You really didn't get a chance to stretch Severino out. What can you expect for him in terms of length in these situations?
AARON BOONE: He's good to go. I mean, he got up, I think, over 80 pitches, didn't he? His last start in Texas, which turned into more of a tune-up, he was certainly in position to probably go 90-plus pitches. So we feel like he can give us some distance if he's cruising, but we also want him to just go out and empty the tank and know we've got plenty of people behind him to pick him up if he goes out and sets a really good tone for us.

Q. A lot of times when teams have four, five days off the way that you guys did, here in the postseason they get out of sync. Your hitters are obviously locked in, didn't seem to miss anything. Why do you think that was?
AARON BOONE: Good hitters. I think the mindset and the focus, I think they appreciated the days we had down. I think we see that as more of a benefit. We're able to have a couple days where we had sim games going, where a few of our guys, you know, Edwin and Gary and Giancarlo and Luke, some guys that were obviously coming back from injury and hadn't had a lot of at-bats were able to get a number of at-bats. I think that was helpful.

But I think our guys are locked and ready to go, and this time of year, look at those off days as really good recovery days and beneficial. I think we have that mindset, and I think that helps because they look forward to going out and playing when it matters.

Q. Aaron, in terms of bullpen usage tonight when you have a chance to eliminate a team, are you all in on tonight's game, or are you thinking in any way about managing for a potential Game 4, holding guys back, or can that not enter your mind?
AARON BOONE: Yeah, we're going to win. So, obviously, there's things that happen in the course of a game, in the course of a night that you got to be mindful of certain things, but we want to win tonight. We feel like we're in a good position bullpen-wise as far as guys being rested and being able to stretch guys out if we need to. So you always make little adjustments that you need to on the fly, but we want to get it tonight.

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