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October 7, 2019

Aroldis Chapman

Minneapolis, Minnesota - pregame 3

Q. Aaron Boone has been very careful with how he's used the bullpen all season long, especially, even more so, in September. Do you feel any more fresh now at this point in the season than you have in past seasons?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Definitely. I thought he did a great job keeping everybody fresh in the bullpen, especially myself. I think I only threw about four innings in September. So, yeah, I feel that we are fresh and ready.

Q. You mentioned only throwing four innings or so in September. Did it ever get frustrating not getting a little bit more work than you're used to in a given month?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Just a bit. You want to get in games and have some action, but preparation was the same, just getting ready for whenever the time came up that I needed to get into a game.

Q. Was there any concern about staying sharp when you did pitch so few games? And also, how did you stay sharp then without having games to play in?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Yeah, it crosses your mind, right? You've got to pitch to stay sharp. But every day I went out, and I did my work. I was doing it with a purpose to stay sharp because that's your job. You've got to stay sharp, so you've got to find a way to do whatever you can to stay ready.

Q. Aroldis, there was so much excitement this spring about how good this bullpen could be. How did it measure up in your mind throughout the season?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: I think everybody has done an excellent job. I think the really important part of it has been that we've been healthy. In my humble opinion, I think we're one of the better bullpens in baseball. So there was a lot of excitement, but at the same time, I think being healthy and being able to do our job has been big for us.

Q. Aroldis, how did Luis Severino look to you at the end of the season?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: Yeah, I saw him, and he looked really good and healthy, which is what we wanted. What everybody wanted to see is Severino to be healthy. In my last outing, I saw him right. I saw him correct. So happy that he's healthy.

Q. Joe Maddon was highly criticized for using you a lot the last time you made it all the way to the World Series. Is it much better the way it's been done now that you've had time to rest in terms of thinking the long run?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: I think that was a different scenario. I believe our bullpen is much more solid, more compact, more options. I think that has a lot to do with it. So just in general, I think it's just a different scenario.

Q. Aroldis, would a sweep mean anything more to you than just simply winning the series in four games or five games?
AROLDIS CHAPMAN: For me, I would just rather win tonight. That would give us more time to get ready for the next opponent and have more rest.

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