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October 7, 2019

Brian Snitker

St. Louis, Missouri - pregame 4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Brian Snitker.

Q. You said you would discuss different options. What was your reasoning for going with Keuchel?
BRIAN SNITKER: He's ready. I mean, it's just kind of, we talked about it yesterday and I think once everybody settled on it, I mean he's good to go. He's gassed up.

And, again, I said that when we started the series: That's why we got him. I feel good about him going out there today.

Q. Was there much debate, win or lose, before yesterday's game?
BRIAN SNITKER: I don't know if it was debate, but we just kind of threw some things out there, and everybody just kind of wanted to process it a little bit before we actually decided. And once the game was over, like I say, we got over that game, that when we were talking, that was the thing to do, I think.

Q. Yesterday you said Dansby kind of has that clutch DNA gene. Is Dallas the pitching version of that, or just wants the ball in this situation?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah, he's been in this stage before. He wants the ball. I don't think moments or situations are going to be too big for him ever. And, like I say, this is what he's made for, I think, and built for.

Q. Given that you all are pretty certain on Keuchel yesterday evening, was there a particular reason that there was a little bit of delay in that official announcement until this morning came out?
BRIAN SNITKER: No, we told the Cardinals.

Q. You told them last night?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah. And I'd be honest with you, I thought -- I wasn't aware of a delay and there wasn't any reasoning, wasn't any gaming. Just didn't get out there, I guess.

Q. I know it's not why you took Keuchel out of Game 1 but the fact that he came out before getting a full five complete, did that help in the decision?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah, because I know it's a day short, but he didn't have an extended, just a grueling outing in his first one either. So that's why we feel really good about him going out there today.

Q. Who is not in your bullpen today?
BRIAN SNITKER: Who is not? I think there really -- after the day off, everybody's available. I don't know if we'll --

Q. Folty would be and Soroka?
BRIAN SNITKER: Yeah, Folty would be.

Q. Soroka probably not?
BRIAN SNITKER: No, Soroka, no.

Q. Carlos Martínez has been very effective for the Cardinals since he took over that closer role. You guys have had a lot of success against him in the series. What are you guys doing to kind of lock in on him? And what do you think the Cardinals might do in that situation moving forward now that you guys have roughed them up?
BRIAN SNITKER: I think it's just a matter of our guys just -- you know, they're just grinding at-bats. They've been doing that all year. Last year -- because he's an elite guy. But in our division we face a lot of those guys -- there's a lot of really good pitching in our division that these guys have to go up against, and they always seem to put their best foot forward when they're facing the best.

I don't know what the Cardinals have in mind or anything like that. We'll just tackle whatever battle we have in front of us.

Q. You said Folty would be?
BRIAN SNITKER: He's available.

Q. In a strange situation?
BRIAN SNITKER: If something happened, you know?

Q. How important has it been that your starters haven't walked anybody in the last two days?
BRIAN SNITKER: I think it's -- I didn't realize that, quite honestly. In these games, where runs are at a premium, it's huge and paramount, I think, that you don't walk a lot of guys. And I've been very pleased with all of our pitching, even in the first game.

I mean, it was kind of a victim of circumstance a little bit in that ball game. But it's been, in these type of games that are just so tightly contested and all, that you're not giving free passes is huge.

Q. We've seen Wash and Albies develop this great relationship. How entertaining is it for you, from in the dugout and what you see? And how beneficial has that been to his development?
BRIAN SNITKER: I think it's been huge in his development, because like we talked about yesterday that these guys have come up here and they're not finished products. It's a constant learning, it's constant working with these guys, teaching. And it's just Ozzie and Wash have a unique relationship.

It's not just these two guys. All the infielders and outfielders with E.Y., and you saw yesterday they were out there on the other side of the tarp in right field with Joyce and E.Y. yesterday.

But they do have a unique relationship, and it's just very healthy and it's good, and it keeps everybody loose and going.

Q. The Cardinals mentioned that on the pickoff yesterday with Bader to third that they had not seen that move from O'Day at all before this season. Is that a matter of circumstance? Is that him pulling deep into what you guys work on in spring training?
BRIAN SNITKER: I just think it's an awareness, the fact that I know when he came in, this kid is going to look to run right here, and that's the way you with thwart that a little bit and put that in the back of a base runner's mind, because the guy before him had also worked at that. And it's like when Maxy did a couple.

And it is a different look right there. He's a different look altogether anyway. And when he does that, that's a completely different thing that, like you say, you've probably never seen out of a guy like that because he's a dying breed with that delivery.

Q. Did he devise that or is it something that he goes back to --
BRIAN SNITKER: No, that's just, in his way, that's how he did an inside move. He's a little unorthodox when he delivers a ball to the plate. And consequently I think that move right there is going to be a little unorthodox, too.

Q. You said you guys decided last night that Keuchel would get the start. Was there a moment in the game that you realized, you knew either way where you were going to go, whether it be Keuchel or Julio?
BRIAN SNITKER: No, it wasn't until afterwards where we talked about it once we got back inside.

Q. And what was Keuchel's reaction whenever you did tell him that -- I know --
BRIAN SNITKER: I mean, he's ready to go. We asked him -- because we had talked to him yesterday that the possibilities just as they're preparing and things like that in their daily routine but we didn't lock it down until yesterday evening after the game.


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