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October 7, 2019

Ozzie Albies

St. Louis, Missouri - pregame 4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Ozzie Albies.

Q. Through these first three games, have you realized the benefit of having played in the postseason last year?
OZZIE ALBIES: Yeah, it's fun playing in October baseball. I mean, that's what we work hard for to play every year, we want to get that ring every year.

Q. Just following that up, have you noticed a difference in the clubhouse at all this postseason compared to last year just because so many guys in there had been through it before?
OZZIE ALBIES: Everybody's in it, everybody's in it. They play hard every day. Whatever we've got to do, everybody does something to help the team win we do that. It's amazing having this group of guys.

Q. What can you say about the impact Dallas Keuchel has had on you guys not only on the field but off the field as well here?
OZZIE ALBIES: Great guy all around, off the field, on the field. He competes and comes in with the same attitude every day, have fun. We have fun around him and he's a fun guy.

Q. Just a few minutes ago Mike Shildt was in here, the Cardinals manager, he was kind of saying he wanted to see where Carlos Martínez's head is, and he's a little concerned about some carry-over with Ronald Acuña. How do you see that feud and Acuña's sort of theatrics get in other pitchers' heads and make them angry and not focused on making pitches at times, have you seen?
OZZIE ALBIES: I mean, Acuña hit that big homer for us to put the game closer. And he did his thing. And Carlos Martínez didn't like it. But it's a baseball game. Just shake it off and keep going. We've got to focus on Game 4 and win it.

Q. What did you learn last year going through that with the Dodgers, when you guys might have been a little overmatched? And you come in this year, I think you guys were pretty confident that you could play with anybody. How much more confidence did you guys come into this postseason with than last year?
OZZIE ALBIES: Really confident because we know our starting pitchers are better. And if they can give us seven, eight innings, like Folty did the other day, we have a huge way of winning the ball game. And that's what we need. We get that, we'll play anybody, we'll secure the win.

Q. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me but you guys have been very good about coming up big late in games, like sixth, seventh, eighth inning on. Is that characteristic of this team? And how did that develop in the big moments, close games, that you guys are among the best in baseball in pouring it on late in games?
OZZIE ALBIES: That's the way we play the whole season. We don't give up. We keep battling, keep battling until the last out is made. And you guys saw it last night, it was one of the best games we played the whole year. And it's really huge for us.

Q. Obviously nobody in the clubhouse has been around for all of Braves history, and having been around since 2001, the last year the franchise won a postseason series, but when it's asked all the time and you live in Atlanta and it's around you, do you kind of feel that sort of pressure a little bit or that narrative about, gee, we haven't won a series in a while? I mean, as a player, do you feel that and what it's like to go through?
OZZIE ALBIES: I mean, not pressure. We go out and play hard. You've got to know that baseball, the ball is round. There's days you're going to win; there's days you're going to lose.

But we just come in, play hard like we did these two past years. And that's what happened when we win the division.


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