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October 7, 2019

AJ Hinch

Tampa Bay, Florida - pregame 3

Q. They're going to have a big crowd here today. I just wondered what's it like? Is it harder to play in this venue when there's big crowds, kind of like you had on opening day?
AJ HINCH: We played opening day, but other than that we haven't really been here where it's been rowdy and a lot of people. I'm sure it's a little bit like our place just because of the roof and it's enclosed.

But we'll see. I mean, I think the best way to do it, to avoid any issue with it is to take the lead. That usually gets the crowd to quiet down a little bit.

Our guys love the big environment, the loud games. This will be a unique experience in this ballpark because it's a big day for the organization and for the fans. I'm sure they'll show up ready.

Q. Alvarez talked about how he's spent the last three or four weeks concentrating on hitting the ball the other way, using all fields. When you see him kind of pull tendencies or tendencies in general, how good is he at identifying it, going about correcting it?
AJ HINCH: You know what I like when he pulls, is when he pulls into the second and third deck. Those are really good swings.

He's so good at keeping the ball fair and he's good at getting the ball in the air. He's a better -- I know if you look at the highlight reel of Yordan Alvarez, you'll see majestic shots; an upper deck shot at Yankee Stadium, a third deck shot at Minute Maid, a ball that goes further than you expect into center field at our ballpark. He's hit some of the hardest and farthest balls of the season.

He's a really good hitter, and teams struggle with whether or not to shift him on the ground, in the infield. Because he can do a lot of different things with the bat.

You saw him in this series, he's had a couple of at-bats where he's fought off some late-count touch pitches to get some singles. Didn't hit the rocket everybody expects.

But he's pretty good at identifying pitches. I think he got a little bit in between pitches the last month of the season and got a little bit too much in his head on how guys were going to pitch him.

But once he has a calm mind and a good game plan -- both Cintron and Snitker do a really good job of getting him prepared for at-bats. He's as dangerous as any young hitter that I've ever been around.

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