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October 7, 2019

Josh James

Tampa Bay, Florida - pregame 3

Q. Josh, just wondering, and I know you're a guy that's worked as a starter and worked out of the bullpen. What's the atmosphere like in the bullpen when you've got guys like what you've seen in the last two games putting up those kind of outings? Sometimes the role of the reliever is to come in and bail out, you know, out of a jam. These guys haven't been really leaving much of a mess.
What is the vibe like when you guys are out there watching that?

JOSH JAMES: It's awesome to watch and to be a part of. Watching Gerrit and JV do what they did the past two days, I mean, has been, I mean, amazing to watch. And fun to be a part of.

I mean, we get to sit back and enjoy the game and stay locked in. So it's always fun to watch guys do what they do, but everybody's also ready to bounce if they need some help.

But, I mean, they didn't even need any.

Q. How much has it meant to you in your career to watch how veterans like JV and Cole go about their business as a young power pitcher, just seeing how they're doing that with the kind of stuff that you have for so long?
JOSH JAMES: I mean, it's helped me a lot. Especially this year, being my first full season. Watching, especially watching Gerrit. The way he's pitched and the way he's gone about his business and prepared has really, really, really helped my career. I think it's going to help in the long run. So thank you.

Q. When you came into town last night and the preparation for today, how different is this mindset for you or your activities, compared to a regular season road game and preparing for a playoff game today?
JOSH JAMES: It's the same preparation. There's just a little added pressure, but the preparation is the same.

I think the preparation is the same for everybody else in the clubhouse. So we're ready. We're ready to play. I think everybody is excited.

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