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October 6, 2019

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Beijing, China

D. THIEM/S. Tsitsipas

3-6, 6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It seemed in the first set you had a lot of success playing at the net. It seems like you had a harder team as the match went on. Was this something Dominic was changing throughout the match?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I mean, there hasn't been anything in particular that I didn't do right. I was one point away from winning that match. At 4-All, I was feeling very well at that moment. Kind of like ruined me after that point. I don't know why. I shouldn't have stayed back. I should have taken the return a bit earlier. I didn't do it, so I paid for it.

Q. What is the biggest take away for you from this tournament?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I did some good matches against top players. I can leave from here with that in my mind. Pretty much it. Nothing more, nothing less. I feel like I gave a good performance this week. Could be a bit better, but it didn't happen. Going to have to continue doing what I'm doing, get a bit more lucky, wait for my chances.

Q. Seems like you are finding form now. What is the key?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I do feel a bit better than before. I haven't really had consistent good tournaments, so I cannot tell you. It's my first good tournament after a while. I just need to stay concentrated and not think too big of myself this week. I know I did well. I respect the effort that I put to get there.

But I have more tournaments to play. Doing well there, too, would prove that I can be consistent. It's not done by luck, you know.

Q. You have a great chance to qualify for the ATP Finals. How will you prepare for that?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Obviously I have to compete against the best players in the world. Every match is the toughest one. It's different. Every match is very, very tough. Your body is going to go through a lot of pain and hard work to do well in that tournament.

I still have to improve in things. I still have to be consistent. I still have to focus on my development as a player until ATP Finals. I think I have good chances if I make it.

It's important for me to be among these players playing tennis.

Q. You mentioned the way you played the breakpoint at 4-All. Is there a way in future matches you can work on moving past the frustration?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: Well, I haven't been struggling with something like this. I mean, mental weakness, I would say. That happened. Then I was kind of like, Shit, I was so close. Literally one point of getting a break, serving for the championship. I just did the wrong thing. I went back, wanted to take some time, in which he played smart. He serve and volleyed.

But, yeah, I was surprised with myself. I don't usually take decisions like this. I usually stick to my plan. If I start doing something, I won't just change it randomly at some point.

If I could go back in time, I would probably press, go in a little bit more, take the return early. I felt like I had good chances of putting pressure to him. Obviously I'm sure he wouldn't serve and volley if he would see me standing inside the court.

Q. Was serving and volleying a tactic coming into this match?
STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: He fooled me. He played very smart. He stayed back, returned all of my serves. Yeah, my service games were really bad, really poor, not consistent at all, playing with a lot of second serves.

He deserves it because he did the right things. I didn't do the right things. He was just more patient in his game plan. I was just rushing and didn't have a clear head of the things that were happening in the court. He did serve and volley at that moment, as I mentioned before. He played a good volley. But not a crazy good volley.

It's a shame. I mean, it was very close. It's a shame because I was playing really well, was trying a lot. Kind of changed after that.

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