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October 6, 2019

Ivan Dodig

Filip Polasek

Beijing, China

DODIG - POLASEK/Kubot - Melo

6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk through the match, the emotions that come with winning the tournament.
IVAN DODIG: Yeah, all the week we had a good time. We played good matches. The final was a really exciting match. It was very nice to play in front of a lot of crowd. We really enjoy I think the quality of match, very high.

First set was really, really good from our side. We start good. The second set we also make the break in beginning. We was under control. Then they played one really good game, broke back. Again, match become very exciting.

Was very high level. In the end we was little bit better in the crucial moments. I think we deserve to win this final even though the match could go both ways.

But most important was a good level, good match, yeah, that we won this tournament. It was really, really nice feeling on the court.

Q. Did you approach the match any differently knowing they were defending China Open champions?
FILIP POLASEK: I think we didn't think about it. It's better to don't think. We know each other really well. I mean, Ivan was playing with Marcelo for a couple years. We just know each other very well.

Was great match. Just decide few points. At the end we were better in the tiebreak. We happy about it.

Q. What was different about their play when they took five games straight? What adjustments did you make?
IVAN DODIG: Like I said, I think we was dominating for the set and the break till 2-0. They played good game. This is the thing in the doubles, you have to try to keep the momentum.

They broke back. A little bit unlucky over the net for us. They played good game. Then suddenly the momentum change. You make one mistake, they start to feel, Okay, we are back in the game. That's all about doubles with these rules. You have to try to keep momentum when things going well. They're great team, one of the best. Same like we are. We know how this works.

Suddenly things went they way. But good thing is that we come back on the 5-4, put the good game there. Like I said, again the match was open and we close it up in the right way.

Q. What are your takeaways from this week overall?
FILIP POLASEK: I mean, we can really appreciate the way we played. We practice hard last 10 days. We already spend the week in Chengdu. I think we come here really prepared. We played well from the first match.

The way we win the tournament, it was a really hard one beating Klaasen and Venus, Murray and Skupski and Kubot and Melo in the finals. Even the singles guy Thiem and Fognini.

We have a tough draw, have to fight through every single match. We happy about the way we perform. It wasn't like one match, it was four good matches in a row which we really appreciate it.

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