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October 6, 2019

Luis Severino

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Workout Day

Q. Luis, how close are you to being in top form or at your best?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think I am my best. I had three outings before this, so that's regular what I do. In Spring Training, before I head into the season, so I think that's good enough to be at my best.

Q. Luis, it's been a week since you pitched. What have you done to prepare, and what's the anticipation like as you wait to get the ball tomorrow?
LUIS SEVERINO: A lot of throwing. A lot of working on my stuff. Watching the game. I learn a lot from watching Tanaka pitch or even Paxton pitch. Just watching those games, getting a lot of new thoughts for how to attack Minnesota hitters and how to get those batters out.

Q. How fresh in your mind is the 2017 Wild Card game?
LUIS SEVERINO: I don't even remember that.


No, that was a tough game, but that was two years ago. I think I pitched one more game before that here. I threw 5 2/3 in one round, so that's good enough to forget about that.

Q. Luis, when you're going through the rehab this year with all the injuries, were you dreaming this moment, like coming back, I still want to be ready for the playoffs?
LUIS SEVERINO: I mean, I never thought about this situation, but I thought it was going to be something similar, getting healthy, and I'll be back to help my team in a situation like this. Right now, we need more starting pitchers. I think I came back at the right moment to help my team.

Q. Luis, how much does last year's game against the Red Sox, how much is that in your mind, and how much did that impact you this year?
LUIS SEVERINO: I mean, for me, I don't think about past situations or games like that. When games like that happen, I will go next day to the video room and see what was going on or what happened that I couldn't get batters out. But after that, it's over. You always know that I'm a guy that, if I had a bad game, I will do my best to get better and try to do a better job.

Q. The last time the Yankees were here, I think there were 20 homers in three games. Does that get in your head that the twins hit a bunch of homers in this ballpark? Do you pitch any differently to try to be more careful or change anything because of the homers?
LUIS SEVERINO: No. Hopefully, this year -- I know I've had a couple games, and they haven't hit a homer against me yet. Those two teams, they're the best at hitting homers. That's not a big surprise for the Yankees and Twins to hit homers. I try to do my best to get the ball down, to get the ball down on the ground to hit more ground balls and flyballs. I will do my best to try to get hitters out of the way quickly and not throw it to the middle of the plate.

Q. You've thrown to Gary Sanchez, obviously, for several years, and you know him, obviously, personally as a friend. What ways have you seen him grow as a defender, either behind the plate or calling games, improving his focus, whatever it might be? What ways have you seen him improve?
LUIS SEVERINO: I think he's matured a lot behind the plate, blocking, calling games. I think he's done a better job this year than years past. I will say he can hit. That's not a surprise. But now he's developing into one of the best catchers in the major leagues.

Q. Luis, what do you like about pitching this time of year?
LUIS SEVERINO: I love everything, the fans, adrenaline. At this time, it's different from any part of the game. This is something that you have to get here to feel this way. Every pitch matters. Everything matters now. So you have to be in the right mindset to be here and try to do a good job.

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