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October 5, 2019

Kevin Cash

Houston, Texas - pregame 2

Q. Kevin, two-part question. Could you talk about what you have thought what Yordan Alvarez has done after turning 22 in June and, secondly, the challenges of game play at the plate against Bregman.
KEVIN CASH: The first one, not knowing him very well, really impressive to come into this league and put up the type of numbers he did. Kind of fits the mold with the rest of that lineup. They've just got a bunch of special offensive players. Him being that young, you don't see that very often.

As far as Bregman and attacking him, I don't have a good answer for you. The guy is unbelievably talented. There's a reason they're chanting MVP every time he walks up to the plate. He has had that type of season. He's probably had that type of career since he's been up here. Do not like to see him come to the plate when there's guys on base.

Q. Every player, when they make their first postseason start, is really excited. We saw Tyler yesterday. What does it mean for Blake that he's a homegrown guy and rose to this level of stature he did last year and what he battled through this year?
KEVIN CASH: A lot. Obviously, the success he had last year, winning the Cy Young and, like you said, being homegrown, those are all factors that trickles probably a little deeper when you're a guy that is drafted. Scouted, drafted, developed, and come up and have success. This is another niche right here that he can do this and have a postseason start. Hopefully, it's the first of many.

There's no denying Blake has had a tough year with injuries, inconsistencies. I mean, from the toe to the elbow, just a lot of different things that have taken place. But, like we said, I said in Toronto, confident that he can reach a second gear.

If you can't reach it here with this environment, that's about as loud as you're ever going to hear a place yesterday, I'm sure it will be really similar. Just confident he can do that.

Q. Obviously, tonight's game is your focus. What will it mean to get home? You guys have been on a long and winding road, a lot of travel, a lot of people around. What will it mean to get home? It's going to be a full house Monday.
KEVIN CASH: I think that's awesome. It will certainly be nice to find a way to have a happier flight tonight. But regardless, we're going back home to some super excited fans in the Bay area. They support us well. I've heard the numbers on ticket sales and they're opening up seats, this and that.

The only thing I can recall, game 6 and 7, 2008, it was not fun as an opposing player. Hopefully, we can create that atmosphere again.

Q. Tyler had the outer half working early on in yesterday's outing. Specifically with Yordan, was that the game plan coming in is to make him prove that he can beat you guys with the outer-half pitch, or was it just Tyler, the simple fact he had it going on the outside?
KEVIN CASH: I think that was just Tyler. We simplify a lot of the messages with our pitchers. With Tyler's stuff that he has, it's more just get it over the white somewhere.

Q. Kevin, obviously, throughout the season, how important is it for Tommy to get going early for the rest of the offense?
KEVIN CASH: He's a big part, there's no doubt. He had a couple situations with a guy on base here. I know he hit into the double play balls. He's had some pretty good at-bats against Justin Verlander. That's what makes him so special is he has that ability to make the big pitch when he needs to.

Tommy is a really good hitter. He had a big home run, two hits in the wildcard game. A big home run. He's going to bounce right back. We've got our hands full again tonight with Gerrit Cole. But plenty of confidence that Tommy and the rest of the guys can turn some things around here fairly quickly.

Q. Do you know much about Kyle Tucker, the Tampa guy that's in the lineup for the Astros tonight?
KEVIN CASH: Not too much. Really good young player that seems like every player they bring from their system or draft-develop these days has a chance to be really, really good. There's a reason he was on the roster. There's a reason he's in the lineup.

But no, I don't -- I can't speak of him too much. I'm sure he's going to have some issues with tickets coming back to Tampa.

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