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October 4, 2019

Matt Jones

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Nicely done out there. 8-under par, bogey-free. A little my breeze out there today?
MATT JONES: It was breezy this morning when we tee'd off, which was surprising. It was a little breezy out there. The greens are going to get a little crusty here this afternoon I'm sure.

So 11-under will be a competitive total for the rest of the guys.

Q. 5-under par this week on the par-5s. When you come to this tournament you know have to do well on the par-5s.
MATT JONES: Yeah, you do. You have to make birdies on the par-5s. Then you got to have some good shots on some par-3s. There are some tough par-3s out there, too.

So if you can play them even par and play the par-5s well, you're going to have plenty of short irons into these par-4s and make birdies.

Q. Top 10 at the Greenbrier. What's been going well for you so far, particularly this week?
MATT JONES: Just hitting it well, putting well, and, I mean, chipping, I really haven't had to chip too much. Haven't had to deal with the grain too much.

Just putting and hitting the ball pretty well. Keeping it in play out here.

Q. As you said, you had some form coming in. What is it that's clicking for and you sent you in this direction?
MATT JONES: Nothing. I mean, it's been coming. I've always been able to hit a golf ball. Hit them pretty well, I think.

Probably I'm making some more putts than I was, and I probably will have gone a little more conservative than I used to have been. I am probably going more hit more greens, even if it's feet further away. I'm naturally a very aggressive player.

Most golfers out here think they can get to any pin. Sometimes it's better to hit it to 30 feet than try and get it to 10 feet. The more greens I hit, with the way I'm putting, the better chance I'll have of having good weeks.

Q. How did you make that conscious mindset to be a bit more conservative?
MATT JONES: Going over stats. I've got to hit more greens. Very simple. My iron play statistically is my weakness, which it used to be my strength. Now my strength is probably driving. So I'm just trying to improve percentages to improve my round.

Q. With four picks for Melbourne, there is a chance to get a left field pick. There are a few Australians that could be potential picks down there, yourself included. Can you advocate for that sort of thing? Would it be good to have a local talent? There is you, there are other guys who could potentially throw their name in the ring over the next month.
MATT JONES: Yeah, I'm not sure how long we have. Of course I would give anything I could to play a Presidents Cup in Australia on those type of golf courses where they would suit an Australian golfer.

For me to do that I would have to win a golf tournament, if not and do something special in another tournament, too. Ernie has a lot of tough decisions to make, but whoever he picks is going to be as good as they can be.

Q. You've won out here before. What's it going to take this weekend to try to put yourself there again?
MATT JONES: Just keep the ball in the fairway; keep it out of this rough, because this balls comes out very hot. If you're in the rough you have no chance of getting access to these pins.

I'm sure the greens will firm up and speed up, so fairways are going to be of importance.

And then just keep making some putts.

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