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October 4, 2019

Brian Stuard

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Nicely done. Back-to-back 65s to start off the week. Today you played the par-5s 2-under compared to yesterday. Any difference in that?
BRIAN STUARD: You know, I don't think so. I think just happened to get them up and down today and didn't yesterday.

Q. Seems to me the breeze picked up a little bit more today than yesterday. How was the golf course out there?
BRIAN STUARD: Still gettable. It was a little tougher to start with. The breeze was definitely up. It definitely laid down a little bit as the round went on.

Not quite as easy as yesterday still out there.

Q. You got your win on the PGA TOUR back in 2016. We all know it's tough to win out here. How do you maintain your patience of trying to get back to that position?
BRIAN STUARD: I think it's just knowing that you've been here so many times, played so many tournaments, you know what to expect, what to feel. I think you just have to, like you said, just try to be as patient as possible and let it happen.

Q. Anything in particular you feel really comfortable with in your golf game this week?
BRIAN STUARD: No, you know, just playing pretty solid. Feel like I'm driving it well and irons feel pretty good; putting feels pretty good.

All feels good.

Q. Great lag putt there at 9. Congratulations. Good luck this weekend.
BRIAN STUARD: Thank you.

Q. I know the wind picked up a little bit this morning, but all things considered, put together a solid second round. How was TPC Summerlin playing today?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, it was playing good. I think definitely still gettable if you played well; I did that today. Played pretty solid all the way around and made a nice kind of easy 65.

Q. Slow and steady. You've been playing a lot of golf. Four weeks in a row now. Are there things that are just working favorably because of that?
BRIAN STUARD: I think so. Just feeling comfortable with my game. I wanted to get off to a good start this fall and I feel like I've done that, so I am just going to try and continue.

Q. There are guys that will try to change things during the off-season. You just told me you kept everything the same. How beneficial can that be when it's just getting into competitive rounds and making sure that you're sticking to the game plan?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, felt really comfortable with all my equipment so I didn't think I needed to change anything up. Like you said, just trying to get into a good rhythm this fall, and got off to a good start.

Q. This being the fall schedule, FedExCup points, so much emphasis this time of year. How do you address that?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think looking it the schedule you see there are a few more tournaments this fall. You know, those are big opportunities for the year end, so it's nice to get off to a good start for sure.

Q. You're an under radar kind of guy. Even when you do this sort of thing they keep you under the radar. You like that, flying under the radar?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, you know, I think that's kind of my personality, I guess, just kind of being a little low-key and not too much in the spotlight I guess.

It's all right.

Q. Do you try to keep that same even keel? How do you manage that?
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think just trying to -- like you said, trying to do the same thing I always try to do. But it's definitely tough on the weekend when you're playing in the last few groups. Just going to go out and try to be as patient as possible and see what happens.

Q. What you did when you won, do you draw back on that at any time? I know that was really wet and a lot of delays.
BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, sure. I think you get something out of every time you're kind of in the hunt, I guess. I think you can -- the more you're there, the easier it gets the next time, I think.

I think that's kind of -- I've been here a few times now, so should be easier than it was before.

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