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October 4, 2019

Kevin Cash

Houston, Texas - postgame 1

Houston - 6, Tampa Bay - 2

Q. Kevin, just your overall thoughts on how Glasnow kind of handled this first appearance in the postseason. And Altuve there at the end.
KEVIN CASH: Really impressed with his performance. He quieted just a super talented offense and Altuve got him there on, looked like, a pretty fairly well-executed pitch. But it's Jose Altuve.

Couldn't be happier with his overall work.

Q. Kevin, could you speak overall to how you guys played. The ball in right field was an issue. There's a two-out walk that led to a run also. Your overall impressions on the game and what happened on the play in right field.
KEVIN CASH: The play, I think we recognize we have to convert that into an out. I'm not sure if there was miscommunication, lack of communication. I haven't actually gone and talked to the guys. I think we all recognize that that's got to be an out.

We came in and made some big pitches. Brendan McKay comes in, makes a really big pitch, three pitches to Alvarez and then Chaz to Gurriel. We just didn't end that inning right there.

Q. Kevin, looked like the Astros today were aggressive on the base paths, maybe trying to take advantage of d'Arnaud's pop time or something like that.
KEVIN CASH: No, I don't think it was d'Arnaud. It's more Glas. That's something he's worked on throughout his career. He's actually gotten a lot better at it. The one stolen base. And then with Ollie and Bregman steals, you know, I think he was Ă¼ber-focused on the hitter at the time and wasn't paying attention too much. No chance for Travis really on any of those.

Q. What was your thought? You had the bullpen going for Glasnow at that point. Were you thinking of coming with Anderson?
KEVIN CASH: He was done at Brantley. McKay would have come in and faced Brantley. And then depending on if the inning ended or whatever, but if the inning kept going, Nick would have come in on Bregman.

Q. So Glasnow had Altuve no matter what?

Q. Also, just the position you put McKay in, how do you think he handled that?
KEVIN CASH: Really well, especially given who we asked him to come in and face. Throws a pretty good curveball first pitch, Brantley whacks it. And then it looked like he got in a little bit on Bregman, but enough to get it off the wall but stayed poised and just made a really, really good pitches to Yordan.

Q. Kevin, Verlander's Verlander. We've seen this kind of performance many times out of him. As the series goes along, you'll have to face him again. Is there anything you saw out there that would encourage you going into the next matchup?
KEVIN CASH: No. (Laughter.) We got Verlandered.

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