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October 3, 2019

Dave Martinez

Los Angeles, California - postgame 1

Dodgers - 6, Nationals - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've faced a lot of tough teams in the league, but where do you measure the Dodgers at this point on strengths in all areas?
DAVE MARTINEZ: Oh, they're good, they're really good. That's why they have been in the postseason so many years in a row. We didn't play very well today. Walked a lot of guys, chased a lot of bad pitches. I think at one point, I got to look, but we were way over 20 pitches that we chased and that's uncharacteristic of our team. Usually we don't chase. We make guys throw the ball in the zone. Today we chased a lot. Couldn't get nothing going offensively. When you have those two combinations, when you're walking guys and not hitting, it's tough to win ball games.

Q. Can you kind of take us through some of the decision making in the 7th inning going with Rodney and just how difficult it is to only have one lefty with Doolittle. Would he have come in at a certain point in that inning?
DAVE MARTINEZ: I liked the matchup with Rodney with the changeups on Bellinger, he got him out. The big at-bat was Taylor. He had him 0-2, went 0-2, 4-2 and then walked him. And then again I liked the matchup again with the changeups on the lefties at that particular moment. He had two outs. You know, he got bases loaded. I thought he was he would throw another changeup, and Muncy's a good hitter. And he actually didn't throw a bad pitch, it's just Muncy put the ball in play. But Rodney's been in situations like that and got big outs. When he got Bellinger out in a big moment, the key was the walk to Taylor.

Q. From the playing game on Tuesday and then tonight, you guys, outside of the 8th inning, haven't done a whole lot offensively. What are you seeing are if your lineup right now? Is there anything concerning?
DAVE MARTINEZ: I think that, honestly I think we're facing some really good pitchers, one. Two, is just we got to get the ball in the strike zone. For me that's the key. When we swing at balls in the strike zone we put the ball in play. That's what we have done all year. So we just got to relax and come back tomorrow and just get the ball in the zone.

Q. Building on that approach, do you think it is a relaxing thing, because this is as you said uncharacteristic for your hitters. Is there, does it build on itself and is there some pressure involved?
DAVE MARTINEZ: Yeah, we told the guys, hey, just be yourself. Don't try to do too much. We have been really good on hitting the balls throughout the whole field. So let's continue to do that. And take your walks. We're really good at taking our walks, we have been good taking our walks, let's just go up there and take our walks.

Q. First inning for Patrick, uncharacteristic for him. What did you see there and what did you see him settle in?
DAVE MARTINEZ: After that first inning he was dynamite. In the first inning I think he got a little amped up. His front side was opening up a little bit and he couldn't get the ball. He was spiking a lot -- when he starts spiking his sliders like that, I mean really bad, and his fastball's just running all over, it's usually because he's opening up. He did the first inning and then he settled down. Man, he was really good there for awhile. We get to Game 5, hopefully we'll have Pat again. But he pitched really well after the first inning.

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