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October 3, 2019

Marcell Ozuna

Atlanta, Georgia - postgame 1

Cardinals - 7, Braves - 6

THE MODERATOR: Questions for outfielder Marcell Ozuna.

Q. Why is it satisfying to get big hits in the postseason?
MARCELL OZUNA: For me it's amazing. It's my passion. And especially when my family and my country, the Dominican Republic, been watching me and I just tried to do my best.

Q. Obviously you're a strong human, but can you describe the importance of the green sleeve?
MARCELL OZUNA: For me it's like a catalyst, like something that if I go every day in the same way, and that way makes me get success and makes me get a good result with the game I'm going to go this way. And the sleeve in 2017 was the first time that I wore it when I saw Yoenis Cespedes in spring training.

And I said I like that sleeve. And he said, okay, go get it. And I get one of those, and I get good success on that and made a good season in '17. And I keep wearing it.

Q. What kind of shape do you feel this puts you in for the series? You need to get two more wins and you have Jack Flaherty potentially pitching two of these games?
MARCELL OZUNA: For us it's just have to win and you just have to getting ready for the game, getting inning by inning, pitch by pitch, at-bat by at-bat. And do our best. And they've got a good team, too, and we're batting like a, fight for the team you want and that's what my team and I'm doing.

Q. What was the mood like in the dugout tonight? I kept looking down and you guys are going crazy. Just how exciting was it to be down there in this game?
MARCELL OZUNA: Especially in that moment, ninth inning, one out or two out, I don't know, I forget. I wasn't too excited after I get that double and look at the dugout and say let's go, let's go. I don't want to say the other word. Because it's Dominican or Latin style, that we said every time we do good.

So I saw the dugout and looking up and looking at the stands and my wife were there. And I just kind of get excited and say let's go, let's go. And that's a moment I'll never forget.


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