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October 1, 2019

Juan Soto

Trea Turner

Chicago, Illinois - postgame

Nationals - 4, Brewers - 3

Q. Juan, could you take me through the at-bat and the single and what you were looking for in the situation that you were in there?
JUAN SOTO: To me, I just step in there. I know he's in trouble. He going to try to attack me with his fastball up and the slider. I mean, I just step in there and try to hit the ball and single to the middle. That's what all I think in that bat, hit a ground ball single to the middle and try to tie the game.

Q. Continuing with that, Juan, when you saw him lose the ball in right field, what was your reaction as you ran to second?
JUAN SOTO: I just see the -- I want to make sure they throw the ball to the third baseman, and make the rundown over there, and try to make a score.

Q. Trea, the way you guys offensively played that game, seven innings struggling against them, and then the best closure in baseball.
TREA TURNER: You've got to give credit to those guys, Pomeranz, Suter and Woodruff were really good. They're not fun at-bats. Chasing a hundred, and fastball is moving, throwing up in the zone. I think just did a good job pitching-wise. And for me, I think for Max Scherz, for us to keep it close and give us a chance was the key. And they did that, and we continued to fight offensively and put it together.

Q. Trea, if someone who hasn't been paying attention asked you what's going on with your team right now, how would you explain what's going on the past week or so around here?
TREA TURNER: I don't know if that's good or bad, but I think we won nine games in a row. I think we're playing good baseball, this time of the year playing against really good teams. We played Philly, who was -- and then we played Cleveland.

So we've had to play two tough series before this game. And Milwaukee has been hot the past month or so. No easy games. And I think hats off for us to for continuing to fight because we know if we could keep it close we could have a chance at the end. And we're here now.

Q. Juan, you guys almost got to Hader when they were here in August, and he kind of got out of it. What was the mentality against Hader this time and made the difference to stay in and turn things in your favor?
JUAN SOTO: I mean, most of the guys, we know he likes to throw high heaters, and not much sliders. He just throws a lot of heaters. We try to make him throw strikes. We just make sure he throws strikes. And then when they come up, like I say, I know he going to try to attack me.

Q. Trea, looking ahead now, you have a day to go out to LA and start on Thursday. Facing the Dodgers, the challenge that presents?
TREA TURNER: Yeah, a few years ago, I guess different team, but a few years ago I was here and we played them. They're obviously a good team, great starting pitching, good lineup and deep and whatnot.

So it's going to be tough. But I think if there's a team that's ever been ready to face some adversity, it's this one right here. And I guess Corbin is pitching for us. I don't know if I'm supposed to say that. Also, I don't have background information on that. So that's just my thought process (laughter).

But to go against a good rotation over there, it's going to be a battle, and we're looking forward to it.

Q. What did you guys think of the way Stephen came out of the bullpen for the first time in his career and cruised through three innings like that?
TREA TURNER: For me I just thought he was efficient. I looked up and I'm pretty sure he got the double play in the first inning, and they got some hits, but I felt like he worked himself right out of the situation real quick and was just efficient and in the zone, throwing pitches like he always does.

And early in the week I was pretty excited when he said he wanted to close for us if we went to Corbin and then to him. So I can't say enough about him. But that was big for us.

Q. The motto of this team has been stay in the fight. Is this the embodiment of that tonight?
DAVE MARTINEZ: For sure. Like I said, Mike's at-bat, Tony's at-bat, Zimm's at-bat. Everything that led up to Juan's hit, obviously, it was a big hit in a very tough situation, but the whole inning in general I appreciate because I know how tough it is to face that guy out there.

And you can say don't swing at the high heater, but it's a simple concept but not easy. To put those three at-bats together before Juan's, and Juan put the hit out there to tie the game, and the mistake out there was big. But we're never going to give up and we're going to continue to do that until the last at-bat is made.

Q. Juan, you mentioned before the game that your mom cooked for you today. Have you talked to her about coming to Los Angeles with you and continuing to cook for you?
JUAN SOTO: She told me she got to work in the Dominican. I really sad for that, but I try to bring her before everything is done.

Q. I notice you have a helmet on, you have goggles on. Obviously you were prepared for this celebration?
TREA TURNER: I wouldn't say prepared. This has been sitting in my locker for about four months now. So I figured it was a good time to break it out. And here we are now. But I did not order this or receive this within the last week, it's been there for a while. I didn't plan anything it just happened.

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