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July 21, 2005

Des Smyth


Q. Des, disappointing end, but terrific come back on the back nine?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, I had a great comeback. I was reeling after the first four holes. I was 4 over par and it was blowing terribly and I really didn't know what to do. I made a very long putt at the fifth and that seemed to settle me down. And from there in I played great. Disappointing finish, you know. Even with pulling my tee shot in the rough I shouldn't have walked off with six, I should have made five. Overall I'm happy, plus two, it was a really tough day. Very difficult.

Q. With these gusting winds and these people who have been here many along year they have never seen anything like it. So what was it like to play in?

DES SMYTH: It was very difficult of the a typical links day. Hard to hit greens, bouncy off the fairways. You hit a drive, take a bounce, you're in the rough. Now you can't stop the ball. And you try to figure a way of avoiding the bunkers. It's just one of those links days, very difficult for a lot of people.

Q. But the main thing is you're right in contention, maybe only one behind, but this course is easy to let shots slip. You're right in there.

DES SMYTH: Yes, I'm happy with the result. I'm right in there. I said to my caddie this morning, I would like to, after three rounds to think I have a chance of winning. And, but you can't think like that on the first round. You got to try and play yourself into the tournament. And after four holes I was really, really undone. So overall I'm really happy.

Q. Obviously, you must have used your knowledge of your early years to play a round like that. But it is your old style golf.

DES SMYTH: I suppose it is. I'm used to it. I was brought up on links courses. So I don't know how it is, I seem to switch on to it. And I did today. The last hole was disappointing, but, you know, I could look back and see where I got a few good breaks as well.

Q. When you saw the conditions, your name was mentioned as being one to watch out for?

DES SMYTH: Then my start threw them off. But now I'm back in again.

Q. What happened on that hole?

DES SMYTH: I hit it over the green with a wedge and I made five and parred the next and I was lucky to make a bogey there. I hit a 2 iron into the bunker. I had no shot. I had to play it into the bunker and then got it up and down for bogey.

Q. Then the double bogey?

DES SMYTH: Oh, yeah, I hit a 3 iron second shot, but I caught a bunker 20 yards short of the green. Hit the face of it coming out. I got it on, made two great putts for a double bogey. At that stage I was reeling. And then I holed about a 35 or 40 footer on the next for birdie. And that settled me down. I made a good putt then on 8 for birdie.

Q. What can you did you hit there?

DES SMYTH: I hit a mid wedge about 20 feet past.

Bogeyed 9. 2 iron into a bunker again.

I made the birdie at the par 5. Hit it over the green in two and pitched and putted. It was about 12 feet.

And then two in a row. Great putt at the 16th about 25 feet up the hill.

17, sorry, 16 was from 12 feet. 17 was from 25. That's how I got it.

And then I made a mess of the last.

Q. Pulled your drive?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, I did. And 3 putted.

Q. But you had a go, didn't you?

DES SMYTH: I was trying to make the putt, but I didn't mean to hit it that hard.

Q. But never mind?


Q. Would you take a do over?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, I would. I would.

End of FastScripts.

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