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September 29, 2019

Adrian Mannarino

Zhuhai, China

A. DE MINAUR/A. Mannarino

7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In the first set you actually led by 4-2 and you had a good chance in the first set. But you were never able to capitalize and you lost the first set. After losing the first set you still performed well in the first half of the second set. So how could you have done such a good job in that half of the second set after losing your first set?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Sorry, what is the question?

Q. In the first set you led by --
ADRIAN MANNARINO: We need to someone who can speak English well. No, but I just want somebody to explain me well like.

Q. After losing the first set you still did a good job in the first half of the second set. So how could you have done that?

Q. How could you have performed well in the second half of the second set after losing the first set?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, I think that he played great. I mean, I don't think that my level dropped during the match, I think that he just kept pushing all the time, being really offensive and, you know, if you just lose your concentration for, I don't know, 30 seconds, one minute, then you lose a crucial game and then it goes quick.

But he played really well, even when I was leading in the tiebreak, I don't think that I had been missing that much, he just played well. He played better than me, that's the only thing I can remember about this match.

Q. A few players mentioned it's one of the slowest courts in the tour. And I notice that you changed your shirt quite a few times. Could you talk about how tough the conditions tonight were out there?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yeah, to me it's one of the most complicated conditions I've played in. It is really humid and hot and the conditions were really slow, so there was a lot of rallies and we have seen a lot of players struggling with these conditions during the week. It was tough to breathe after the point and especially at night I think that it's getting even more humid and it was just hard.

But in tennis you have to deal with the conditions, sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold and you have to deal with the conditions every week and you have to adapt. Yeah, this week it was slow, but I think that I've been doing a good job by getting used to it and changing my game a little bit to be more consistent and better on this court.

Q. But overall it's a very good week for you. You defeated a few high quality opponents. What's the key point for you to have such a good week?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I don't really know. To me my level of tennis was not different than the other weeks, it's just that this year I've been struggling with a lot of injuries. I've been playing good tennis during all the year, but when you get injured like three months, then it's not easy, because you don't have a lot of tournaments to perform well. And especially lately on the tour there's so many good players that sometimes you are playing well but you're not winning the match because your opponents are just too good.

So, yeah, this week it worked out a little bit better than the other weeks for me, but I don't think that nothing changed that much in my game. I think that it's interesting to see that I can play and win some matches against some really good guys, especially if I'm not over playing. So, no, it's interesting for the next few years. I mean, I'm not that young but, yeah, I have many years to come, so it's cool.

Q. Do you feel threatened from the young guys on the tour?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Well, I've just lost to a kid who is 20 years old, 20 or 21, so I should feel it (smiling).

Yeah, the young guys are arriving on tour and playing really well, but the old ones are still playing really well too. I think that now days it's really tough because the level of the top 100 in tennis is a really high quality game.

So, yeah, I can remember like 10 years ago when I arrived on tour that was easier, so now it's getting tough, but we're all working every day to get better, so I hope that the show that we're doing on court every week is enjoyable for the crowd and I think that they should be happy to see so many good guys performing well.

Q. It's good that you won your first title this season. Can we see you don't feel any extra pressure playing a final before this match?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yeah, I didn't feel any extra pressure, but I still lost it (smiling), so it didn't change anything actually. I'm pretty good at losing finals, obviously, and it's good that I've been able to play two of them this year. I mean, the more finals you play, the more chances you have to win some, so I just hope to continue this way, keep playing well, enjoying what I'm doing and hopefully I'll get another title this week or the next year and we'll see. It's cool. See you next year.

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