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September 29, 2019

Venus Williams

Beijing, China

V. WILLIAMS/B. Strycova

6-3, 4-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How would you describe how the match went today?
VENUS WILLIAMS: She's a great competitor. I was just so super happy to win that at the end, stay in the tournament.

Q. You are a famous tennis player, and you have played in lots of international competitions. What do you think of the China Open?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think the fans are just so excited. How do I describe it? They're just beyond happy the players are here. They're, like, super grateful and enthusiastic. Their energy is just very contagious, so...

I'm actually really happy to play for them because of that.

Q. This time around you have the opportunity to know more about Chinese culture and tradition, like typical Chinese food and karaoke. How do you feel about this experience?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Karaoke is number one in my family. To have that experience, the karaoke center was incredible, incredible. But also we spent some time just seeing China. I love China, but I have no free time so it's very difficult to see some of it.

I felt like the other day I had an amazing experience just to leave the city a little bit.

Q. Do you have some advice for those who want to become professional tennis player like yourself?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Honestly, it's such hard work. I don't even know what to say. Get ready to not have a life.

Q. What was your strategy going into your sixth match against Strycova?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Sixth? Honestly the strategy is changing throughout the match just to see what works. My strategy is always basically to dominate. Basically whoever does that usually wins.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. I noticed after the match you wrote a Chinese character on the camera. It means 'big' in Chinese. Do you know what it means? Who taught you to write this character? Learning how to write this Chinese character, did you learn how to speak Chinese, any words?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Just (pronouncing 'Venus' in Chinese). This is my name.

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