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September 29, 2019

Russell Knox

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Thoughts on the fourth round?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, good, I played great. I really did. I thought I got a little unlucky on 12. I hit a beautiful drive and it just went in the lip of the bunker. I was very happy. I hit a lot of excellent shots, and I had a good chance on 16, missed it and then bogeyed 17, don't birdie 18.

So a little bit sad finish, but still I know how good I played this week, so a lot of positives.

Q. From your demeanor, the way you're talking, seems like you're taking a lot of positives from four days of golf here?
RUSSELL KNOX: I hit so many shots today right where I was looking. It's nice, when you do that, you can do some damage. And I rolled the ball on the greens very well. If I didn't make it, I was close. It didn't quite happen at the end, but it was extremely close.

Q. That puts you in a good frame of mind for future events that are just coming around the corner?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. I still have a lot of golf to play this year and hopefully this will be a little kick starter into a great run of form.

Q. Was there a particular highlight from any of the four days?
RUSSELL KNOX: All of it was great actually. I really enjoyed playing with my partner, and sadly we just missed the cut by a shot. We had a good time and enjoyed playing all three courses, and was happy to see some good golf. So all good.

Q. And obviously as a Scot, you're not based here all the time, but coming back here and playing some of the iconic courses, how special is that?
RUSSELL KNOX: It was amazing to play this tournament. I have no idea why I've never played it in the past. It was a phenomenal tournament and enjoyed being back in Scotland. It was cold today, true Scotland weather today but I'll definitely be back.

Obviously good playing helps, but this tournament is a true gem.

Q. What are the near future hopes?
RUSSELL KNOX: I'm going straight to Vegas next week to play on the PGA TOUR and more than likely I'll stick to over there to end the year. I'll play four or five times, at least, and mostly -- I don't think I'm going to have enough points to play in the final Race to Dubai events, so I'll stick to the PGA TOUR and hopefully play some good golf.

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