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July 23, 2005

Des Smyth


Q. Des, after a slightly disappointing start, then you got it back together again?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, that seems to be the story of my week, doesn't it. I keep making comebacks. And then I had opportunities at the end and didn't take them it's just the story of the week. I've made three comebacks this week and managed to give it away. And I made a great comeback today.

When I bogeyed the first I went to 4 over. I knew it was going to be a tough day. I knuckled down, I played really solid golf from there in. I made my birdies and created two great chances at the last two holes. And then I had a six footer at 17 and a four footer at 18 and missed both of them.

Q. But you're still only three behind going into the final round.

DES SMYTH: Yeah. Well, it just shows you what happened today. Tom started at plus four and he was, what was he? Five behind, was he, or six behind starting out. And he's the leader now. It was a wonderful score of 64, I think. There were two 64s today. But still great golf.

Q. Do you feel though that you're still very much in it?

DES SMYTH: Oh, I'm very much in it, yeah. I got to do what I did today. I got to play well. I did it today, and I just gave up a few chances at the end there. But certainly if I can get off to a good start tomorrow I'm in the hunt.

Q. Sounds like you're looking forward to the day.

DES SMYTH: I'm looking forward to it. My game is good, I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Similar vein, really, where do you think you kind of lost it? On the green this week?

DES SMYTH: I haven't lost anything yet. I still have another round to go. I've given away too many shots this week, I know that. But I'm still within reach, I'm only three behind.

Q. 18th hasn't been too kind to you.

DES SMYTH: No, I made a 6, a 5. I bombed my drive and I hit a wonderful second shot. I just underhit the putt. I pulled it a little. It looked to me it was right half and then I didn't hit it.

Q. You still had the worst score out of the two guys you were with.

DES SMYTH: Well, we were at the back of the field. There's always a little more tension. It's easy when you're out front and you're bombing away. Now those guys that shot the low rounds will be in the hunt tomorrow.

Q. What will it take tomorrow?

DES SMYTH: I need to shoot low, but I don't know how low. But I need to shoot low. I got to shoot 66 tomorrow to have any chance of winning, I feel.

End of FastScripts.

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