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July 24, 2005

Des Smyth


Q. Des, good effort but disappointing in the end?

DES SMYTH: Oh, yeah, I shot 68, 67 over the weekend. That was my plan. I played very well today. I had two, 3 putts, and against that type of opposition you can't afford things like that.

But even so I still had my chances down in the playoff. And I hit a poor shot at 17. Maybe my concentration dipped a little. Just seemed to get ahead of it and put it in a tough position in the bunker. But anyway, Tom won and he's a great champion. So that's nothing new.

Q. But it's great to go head to head with someone like Tom. The competitive juices flow, don't they?

DES SMYTH: Yes, they do. And we were going at it. And I enjoyed it, because I played well all day. I was in control of my game one or two putts. But you could say the same for Tom. He missed one at he slipped a putt at 15 when it looked like he had a birdie in the bag. But I felt I had my chance. I probably should have nailed it at 13. I hit it I underclubbed a little. Because that green was very hard and I ended up 3 putting. Had I gone ahead there I maybe I might have stayed ahead.

Q. You seemed to both be enjoying it down the back stretch.

DES SMYTH: It was enjoyable. Always when you play well. That's the whole key about this game to find your game and play well. And if someone is a little better than you at the end of the week, that's fine. But my game is in good shape and I feel like I could compete. I think everyone enjoyed it. The crowds were wonderful, the golf course was great. The players, we had a very touch opening two days, but I think the players enjoyed the experience.

Q. And it's off to America for another Major?

DES SMYTH: Yes, I have two more weeks in America to play and then I have a two week break.

Q. But you feel you're going in good spirits?

DES SMYTH: In good spirits, but it won't be a links course next week.

End of FastScripts.

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