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July 29, 2005

Des Smyth


Q. Fine round, 66. The entire group played well.

DES SMYTH: Yeah, they all fired, I think, particularly Tom, he hit four shots stiff today, two of them with 4 irons, which is very impressive. I was happy with the way I played. I was sort of hanging in there and I had a good strong finish. I shot 33 on the front nine, which was my back, so I'm really happy with the total.

Q. Any key shots for you today?

DES SMYTH: Not particularly, no. I just played solid golf. I struggled a bit yesterday. I wasn't happy with my game. I did a bit of practice last night and again this morning, so my game plan was to hit as many greens as I could because you've got to stay out of that rough, so I think I may have only missed two greens, and I think that was probably the key to my game.

Q. Does it sort of happen when the other two guys

DES SMYTH: Sure, you feed off that atmosphere, and we had a nice crowd and they were really excited about the way everyone was playing, so it gives you a buzz, you know.

Q. Anything about the course? Is it drying out a little bit?

DES SMYTH: It's drying out, but I think the scoring will be good because the greens are soft. The course is perfect, and obviously it would be very difficult if the greens were hard. But they're soft, we had a lot of rain, and that's why the scoring is so good.

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