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September 27, 2019

Jordan Smith

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. 4-under for today around Carnoustie, 12-under in total. You must be pleased with where you're sitting and where you're positioned heading into the weekend?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, definitely after the two days. Yeah, it was awesome around yesterday. Today was still pretty good. Made a couple of silly mistakes on the back nine and on 9. Apart from that, played lovely, and always nice to shoot under par on Carnoustie.

Q. What do you think was working well for you? Yesterday you found your groove. Did you carry that into today?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, somewhat. I didn't hit it quite as close as yesterday, but I mean, I still played really nicely and happy with where the game's at.

Q. How have you found the week, as well, in terms of playing with the amateurs and a bit more relaxed? Is that something that you've enjoyed?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, it's been good fun. My partner, Mossy, he's a bit of a character. He's always got different colour shoes on. He's good fun. It's nice to have that sort of laugh on the way around, and sort of relax yourself.

Q. Have you played with him before, or has it changed every year since you've been here?
JORDAN SMITH: Different person every year. He's been here for ten years. Well, been coming back for ten years. He knows the score of things.

Q. Looking ahead into the week, at the moment you're just a couple shots back. What do you think it will take, particularly going back to St. Andrews later on Sunday and obviously tomorrow, as well, Kingsbarns?
JORDAN SMITH: Kind of depends what the weather's like. I mean, if it stays like this tomorrow, I mean, probably need another 6-under, 7-under, 8-under to get on top because there's going to be guys shooting low around St. Andrews.

Again, if Sunday it's quite reasonable at St. Andrews, it's going to be low scores. So I think you have to keep firing the birdies.

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