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September 27, 2019

Richie Ramsay

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. 67 today around the Old Course. What was the secret to that round of golf?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Just a lot of patience. I started off with five pars and feel like you're falling behind. Then got the foot down, holed a few putts. Just picked off my shots. It's a great golf course to play any time. Just very steady. Just tried to enjoy it. You know, got a good partner, Richard, had a little chat out there, and worked well as a team. So yeah, it was a great day on the golf course.

Q. Are you a leaderboard watcher?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I do watch them, yeah. I do like to know where I'm at. There's plenty out there, so you know you're doing all right when you're out on the golf course.

Q. How do you weigh up how you're getting on in this tournament? It's a weird vibe, three different golf courses. How do you weigh success?
RICHIE RAMSAY: You know obviously Kingsbarns is scorable, and so is St. Andrews. Carnoustie is the tougher one, no doubt. But I take the viewpoint, just try and get in position. Sunday, back nine, that's where it's at. That's where the pressure is and that's where I love it. That's what I practice for. I'm just trying to sort of jostle for position. If I can play good at Carnoustie, I'll be right in the mix, and sort of on target for that back nine.

Q. You've been close before, second in 2014, for you as a Scotsman, why does this tournament stand out?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Well, it's a major for us, really. The Scottish Open, Dunhill, really special. When I was seven and eight years old, coming down here in October, had the packed lunch, that was a treat we used to get. Come down here and watch the Dunhill Cup when it was the teams. I was brought up on the Dunhill Cup. It was great to play in it and it would be great to get in the mix come Sunday. Been there before, been very close and I just want to play my best and hopefully one of these days I'll get a chance.

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