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September 27, 2019

Justin Rose

Justin Timberlake

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. Justin, 64, but I sense a little frustration, especially after the incredible front nine?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was unbelievable front nine. Kind of happy, really. Obviously a great round. Kept me in the tournament and got me in the tournament. You know,11 birdies, never going to be disappointed with that. One double obviously. Hard to get on the scorecard when someone is 8-under through nine. I gave him the opportunity on 11 -- thought he needs to do something today and he stepped up.

Q. Are you enjoying this true links experience?
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I love it. We're having a blast. Watching that 28, I was like --

JUSTIN ROSE: See, I'm taking credit for the 28. J.T. was over the back of the par 5 third green in three -- putted up near my coin and gave me a perfect read and made an eagle putt.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Just closed my eyes and prayed, and the golf gods -- you almost made yours.

Q. Is that your lowest score?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't remember to be honest.

Q. How are you enjoying the whole experience?
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Incredible. I am. Everyone's so kind. Everyone's happy we're here and it feels good. It's nice.

Q. How desperate to make the cut? Just outside at the moment.
JUSTIN ROSE: So Pebble was similar. We got off to a slow start at Pebble one year and J.T. pulled fire on the back nine.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I'll put on a show either way. Could be either really bad or really good.

Q. An amazing round from you, certainly your opening nine, a 28.
JUSTIN ROSE: You never know when it's going to happen like that. All felt very easy at that point. I did a good job of -- I was aware of I was going low but was super relaxed. Sometimes you can get in your own way when you're on a really good run.

I kept it going nicely on the front nine, and just got caught out on No. 11. Obviously it's a tough hole and I made the mistake of missing left. I knew left was no good. I didn't realise quite how bad it was down there actually. Yeah, quick double there, but I felt like every time I made a mistake today, I bounced back pretty quickly. I realised I was in a good position in the tournament and when I did make a mistake today, my partner really stepped up and made two good pars each time I dropped a shot today.

Q. Good team with the two Justins out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was fun. Hard for him to get on the card with me making so many birdies but every time I make a mistake, he's there to back me up. He improved me three shots today which is pretty good on a 64.

Q. What does this do for your confidence?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I started to make some putts. I've been putting really well all year but the last month the putter has been more cold than I'd like and today started to get that confidence going with the putter which is what you need to do to win tournaments. Hopefully I can build on that. My swing thoughts and swing feels have been pretty simple now for a couple of weeks from Wentworth into this week, so just keep going.

Q. If you can do what you did today in this weather on this golf course, St. Andrews should be a breeze, shouldn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, we had no breeze here which kind of makes these links courses a breeze. Obviously the pin placements were generous. There were a lot of pins in bowls, so if you did drive the ball well, you hit a lot of wedges into pin placements that were receiving the ball.

So in some ways, it's set up to be amateur-friendly, as well, the first few days. But you've still got to do it.

Q. This whole setup, had a Pro-Am feel to things. It seems to be to your liking when you can play out there. I guess when you're playing well, you're playing relaxed, anyway. Do you really kind of like this setup here?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, you've got to come in with the right attitude for sure. I think if you come in and you're trying to, if you are too intense, it's not going to suit you. I'm more than happy to have a chat with the lads. You get to meet cool new people along the way, and if you come in with that attitude it helps your golf.

Q. Thought for the next two days? Confidence sky-high?
JUSTIN ROSE: Two days at St. Andrews now which is nice, so we can settle in. That's where I'm staying in that area, so the logistics are out of the way now getting to the other courses, and you can really enjoy the weekend at St. Andrews. Obviously it's always a treat to play there.

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