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September 27, 2019

Matthew Southgate

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. 65, 66, you must be delighted with those two scores?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Yeah, over the moon. Played really nice today. Made a couple mistakes, but not easy in the drizzle, really, to judge some of the skids and the distance putting and stuff. Over the moon with that.

Q. A few weeks ago, you're a long way down in The Race to Dubai, you had a couple of Top-10s since. Not a comfortable place to be, is it?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Not really. But I've hit a really good bit of form. I said yesterday that I've really fallen back in love with the game, so I've really enjoyed practicing and putting in the hours, which I think makes all the difference. I think a lot of people, you can be on the range and just go through the motions and when you're enjoying it, you get some good work done and that's been effective for me.

Q. Why have you suddenly got that buzz again?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: It just comes and goes. I really struggled with my short game at the start of the year and horrible place to be, and I was hitting the ball great and every time I missed a green, I was duffing chips and it was a nightmare. I've turned the corner, a lot of the pros have given me sort of a half hour here and there which is very generous and given me something to work on. Turned a bit of a corner with that. Obviously more enjoyable when you miss a green you have a chance of getting up-and-down rather than duffing it.

Q. One behind going into the Home of Golf in this incredible championship. What's the game plan going to be?
MATTHEW SOUTHGATE: Just more of the same to be honest. I think my game plan is pretty good at St. Andrews. I won the St. Andrews links there in 2010 which is about the only thing I've ever won apart from a couple of raffles here and there. I kind of know my way around. Putting is feeling good. I'm driving it good.

So just going to try and enjoy Peter Dawson's company. He's been superb the first two rounds. We've become very good friends through playing this event which is lovely, and he's really supportive and really encouraging. Just keep enjoying his company and not get ahead of myself.

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