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July 30, 2005

Des Smyth


Q. Pin placements were certainly

DES SMYTH: Yeah, pins were tougher. The golf course was more difficult today because the ball was actually bouncing into the rough, where the first two days if you pitched it on the fairway, it stayed there. I hit three good drives, and three times they just bounced through the fairway and into that heavy rough. I think I dropped two shots off them.

You might have to have a different strategy if the course is going to play this fast tomorrow.

Q. How fast did the greens seem?

DES SMYTH: Quite a lot. They're not as soft. They're much faster on top. I don't know if they've rolled them. They've certainly taken the moisture out of them. We were very tentative with some of the putts. We had no choice.

Q. And the pin placements?

DES SMYTH: Yeah, they were more difficult today than they were the first two days. I think the scoring reflects that. You have to play a very controlled game if you're going to score. I found the rough three or four times. It was really difficult.

Q. Do you think they're even tougher pin positions than

DES SMYTH: You don't want to get stupid, you know. You've got to stay within the bounds of fairness, I think. They were pretty fair today. One or two, if you got on the wrong side of it might have been a bit difficult, but you have to be below the hole on the tricky pins.

Q. It looked like you were rolling that putter well today. You made some nice par saves.

DES SMYTH: I didn't play that well today. I'm happy with 70. It was a bit of a struggle. I played well in the middle and then I sort of hobbled in.

Q. Comment on Ray Floyd's play at age 62.

DES SMYTH: He is fantastic. He's the oldest Ryder Cup player. He's the oldest winner on your Tour. He could be the oldest winner of this tournament. He's playing well enough.

Q. Didn't you win both your events using the short putter?

DES SMYTH: Yes, I did. I switch over and back. I was using the short one up until last Thursday at the British Senior. The wind was blowing so strong, I couldn't take the short one out, so I switched to the long one last week and I putted well, and I continue to putt well with it while it's hot.

Q. No rhyme or reason, just how it feels?

DES SMYTH: No, just how it feels. You wake up every morning and you feel different.

Q. How much does your game plan change?

DES SMYTH: Well, I was attacking the course the last two days. I tried it today and it didn't work. I might have to go with a new game plan tomorrow. I'll just see how conditions are. I think I'll use my 3 wood a little more tomorrow. I was running through some fairways today.

Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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