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May 30, 2003

Tiger Woods


Q. Are you feeling consistent out there?

TIGER WOODS: I hit it pretty good today. I just hit some poor putts on 8 and 9 and it got me heading in the wrong direction.

Q. Do you feel like even at the number you posted, Kenny is at 11, you're not by any means that far from the lead.

TIGER WOODS: Oh, yeah, with the weather coming. Plus we play tomorrow. It will be a good challenge. Certainly with the weather coming in, it's going to be -- you got to go out there and really hit the ball well and judge the wind correctly.

Q. What is the difference in your putting today?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I figured something out: I hit 2 poor putts back-to-back on 8, and 9 I felt my shoulder was high, hence the blade was releasing early. It wasn't on the arc that it needed to be on. I lowered my left shoulder on 10. And I got back putting the blade to correct the arc again, which released by itself which was good.

Q. What happened on 18, Tiger?

TIGER WOODS: Yes, I hit a driver there, trying to drive it to the corner and I absolutely hit a pooled hook, I got lucky, got a good break there. I was trying to put the ball in the front bunker there. I hit it way too hard coming out of there and I left myself the only spot that you can't put yourself on that pin, which is long. I had a hell of a pitch shot to get to where I was. It was a good putt, didn't break at the end, but a good putt where I was looking.

Q. Do you need to change your direction, strategy tomorrow, let it come to you or go after it?

TIGER WOODS: You play one shot at a time here. This golf course is -- it can tempt you into being that way. Play the way you've been. It's one of the reasons why I'm out here and you are doing that.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: 15, I had 215 to the hole back in the wind, I just chipped a 4-iron up there and had about a 12-footer up the hill.

Q. It looks like you will be 5 back, you are still in --

TIGER WOODS: Yes, you can make up shots here, especially with the wind swirling around, all it takes is a couple of bad swings and you can head in the wrong direction pretty easily. You need to keep the ball in play, ball in fairways and greens. The greens are so pure, if you get your fair share you will make your fair share of putts.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: The bad swing. I'm trying to hit a high cut and I hit a high pull hook. Even you would be pissed off at that one.

Q. Don't be too sure. Tiger, you talked about the adjustments you made physically. What do you do mentally to get ready?

TIGER WOODS: The same thing I do every time. Just play the next shot.

Q. How are you able to turn it around to refocus?

TIGER WOODS: You just do. You just do. You play to the next shot. You don't live in the past. You don't live in the future. You live right at that moment. You play whatever shot it gives you and that's it.

Q. You played this course in different conditions, if it does get bad tomorrow, will you be prepared for that -- you have played here under bad experiences, how will that help you?

TIGER WOODS: Anyone hitting the ball well, they are going to do all right when the wind is swirling like that, you have to hit the ball flush. It will just get exaggerated by the wind. The more flush you can hit the golf ball with the wind swirling around here, the more you can get right through that wind and put it on the green.

Q. Do you think Kenny at 11-under will stand up today?

TIGER WOODS: Yes, it's definitely tougher this afternoon, the greens are trying -- they are not as receptive as when we started off the round. Toward the end they are starting to give a little bit. They are starting to dry out and hopefully they will stay dry.

Q. How do you feel about being 1-under for this round?

TIGER WOODS: Even if I would have putted, takeaway 8 and 9, those poor putts I hit, I would have shot a round in the 60's.

Q. Your first putt at 8?

TIGER WOODS: It was about eight feet. I hit a good putt. I hit it where I was looking. It didn't break the next putt I pulled it. I pulled the one on 9, too.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: A couple of more questions?

Q. What do you want to work on after that?

TIGER WOODS: The same thing I have been working on. Trying to get my rhythm, timing and the flow of my swing where it needs to be. I will hit a few putts, work on my shoulder playing, my arc and my putt, and I should be all right.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: Yes, I did, the putt on 10 it got to right back to where it was. Early in the round and as well as yesterday. I just had 2 poor holes in a row that ended up costing me a lot of shots.

End of FastScripts....

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