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September 24, 2019

Alex De Minaur

Zhuhai, China

A. DE MINAUR/J. Millman

6-1, 6-3


Q. Congrats. How do you feel for your first match here?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Look, I think today couldn't have gone any better. It was a very tough match against a very good friend of mine and a hell of a competitor. So I'm extremely proud of myself to come out and play such high level tennis in my first round.

Q. Last year you played into the semi final in Shenzhen and also did very well in Shanghai. Now you get the first win here. Could you talk about how do you feel playing in China? Is there any different feeling playing in this part of the world than other tournaments?
ALEX DE MINAUR: I actually really like playing here. I think the fans here in China are like nowhere else. I mean, they're really loud, I don't think anywhere else I get given gifts by the fans. So I really enjoy playing here and it's always a special feeling once you come out here and you're able to perform and play at a good level and get the win in front of these fans. So I really enjoy it here.

Q. So what gift have you gotten this year and could you also explain what did you draw on the screen after the win?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, if I was a better drawer it would be easier to figure out, but I tried to draw like a demon emoji, but obviously drawing is not the strongest part of my game, so I need to work on that.

And as for the gifts I've gotten, I've gotten a couple tea sets to drink tea and also I've gotten a very interesting hat which I might have to post tonight a video of. It's a pretty funny hat. So wait until tonight.

Q. So with your perfect performance tonight has it raised your expectations for the tournament? You seem to be adapting to this tournament really well.
ALEX DE MINAUR: Well, the way I see it is it's been one day and I played well today. I've got to keep on going and nothing changes for my next match. I know it's going to be really tough and if I want to go out there and win, I need to play at the same level I played today. I think I was really focused and I made sure I stuck to my game plan, so if I can do all those things right, then I'm happy with myself.

Q. You're so fast on the court, maybe the fastest on the tour. My question is, if you have to choose three players from ATP to run 4 x 100 relay with you, which players would you like to choose?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Oh, first of all, I'm not very good at 100 meters, so I don't know if I would be in the race, but if I had to get three more players I think Monfils has to be up there, then Nishioka, I think he's lightning, and, let's see, I would probably say either Fognini or Jordan Thompson. Yeah. Because I won't be on the team, I wouldn't make the cut.

Q. You usually wear a cap when you play practices and play matches, but today you wore a head band. I remember you only wore a head band during clay court season. Why is that?
ALEX DE MINAUR: I thought I would mix it up. No, look, yeah, I don't know, it's just, it just felt like it was sort of head band season. Normally I only do it on the clay courts, but I thought I would try it out for the Asia swing this time.

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