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September 22, 2019

Alexander Zverev

Geneva, Switzerland

Q. Many congratulations. The Laver Cup is such a special event. It's about sportsmanship, friendship, competing really hard. Before we talk about the match and let you celebrate, have you got a few words for John McEnroe and his team, Team World?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Yeah, guys. It was an unbelievable weekend. I mean, there were one or two points away from winning it all. All the greatest to all of you. Every single one of you deserves to win.

Hopefully many of you will play the Laver Cup many more times and get a chance to play against us. It was an unbelievable weekend, and thanks to every single member of the Team World.

Q. Coming out here tonight, the stakes were so high. How did you personally manage to keep your head together and cope with all the pressure of everything that's going on out here?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Those guys were screaming at me in the locker room before the tiebreak. That's what.

Q. What did they say to you?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: That, you know, this is how I could turn my season around, and this is how I can get my confidence back.

You know, I played an unbelievable tiebreaker, and I'm super happy and super thankful to Roger and Rafa and the rest of the team. Without them on the bench today, I couldn't have done it.

And of course every single one of you guys. Without you guys, the atmosphere, I have never played in something like that. It was unbelievable playing in front of you guys today. Every single one of you deserves to win as much as I do today.

Q. You have had some great moments already in your young career. Where does Laver Cup, Laver Cup Geneva stick in your tennis life?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: It's very special. I mean, especially playing in front of those guys and them trusting me to play the last singles match that we have is an unbelievable feeling. I'm super thankful.

This event is something that I hope to play every single year of my career. You know, maybe one day it will be back in Switzerland and I'm definitely going to come back.

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