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May 31, 2003

Tiger Woods


Q. Did you expect the winds to swirl? Did you expect anything this bad? Was it as tough as it appeared?

TIGER WOODS: They said it was calling for gusts up to 30 today, so I guess the forecast was pretty good.

Q. How tough was club selection?

TIGER WOODS: It was really tough. It was not only blowing out, it was actually coming in different directions. For instance, on 17, there, you got a tough shot in there, a 5-iron into my hand, it was blowing downwind into my face, downwind into my face, I was trying to catch the right gust. Today was the tough part, to gauge where it was coming from.

Q. The new ball, did you switch to that?

TIGER WOODS: It was pretty good. The shots that I hit well went -- went really good through the wind. The shots, I didn't hit some good, obviously, ended up in some pretty poor spots.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: Well, the same thing, just getting stuck again. Just getting stuck again.

Q. Tiger, how about the pin placements, were they tougher?

TIGER WOODS: No, I thought they were good. Granted they are tough, but the greens are soft. If the greens were brick hard with this much wind, I think it would have probably be over the top, but since they are soft and we are hitting 5-irons in there, they are holding. It's good to have challenging pins like this.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: Incredible. It really is. Everyone knows he is a great iron player. He just got it going, I guess.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: You know I could have snuck up the board a little bit. I was shooting an under par round. It looks like even the leaders are playing well; they are playing under par right now.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: The tee shot going back there, I had plenty of time to recompose myself, so I was all right.

Q. Do you know what happened to your ball? Did you hit it that far left?

TIGER WOODS: I have no idea. I was really hot -- none of the marshals there signaled that it was out of bounds. Everyone down there was looking over there but no one ever signaled. The guy came out, one of the marshals actually came out and didn't do anything, so we figured it was in.

Q. What did you hit for your approach?

TIGER WOODS: 183 or 187. Something like that. A 6-iron.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: I got to the balls when they told me. One of our PGA rules officials was there, too.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: I played better. I hit one poorly short shot there over on 14. I put it in the water with a sand wedge in my hand. That's not very good. Other than that, I hit the ball really well on the back nine.

Q. Any flashbacks to that?

TIGER WOODS: No, this is a hell of a lot warmer.

Q. The wind wasn't as bad. I got to figure it was worse --

TIGER WOODS: It's hard to judge where the wind is coming from. A couple of shots, Robert and I both got completely fooled. One got beat straight down, one rode the wind and carried long. So it's tough when it's swirling like this. It's hard to get committed over the shot let alone pull the right club.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thanks Tiger.

End of FastScripts....

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