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September 21, 2019

Kyle Busch

Denny Hamlin

Richmond, Virginia

Q. Kyle Bush finished in second, just couldn't hold off Martin Truex Jr. there. What more did you need to hold him off in that long run?
KYLE BUSCH: I don't know, I don't think we were as good as him all night long. Martin, the car, the combination thereof, us, the combination of, just lacked a little bit. You know, like the 11 lacked a little bit more than us. Just weird, I don't know.
We led a lot of laps. We were up front a lot. But when I was out front, he could keep the closest distance to me. That kind of worried me for a finish like that in the long run.
But our M&M's guys did a great job, and we brought a fast race car here to Richmond, and I think all the JGR cars were pretty respectable there, so really awesome job by everybody at Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota, and being able to have some really good pieces to go out there and race with.

Q. You led the most laps. You're now clinched into the next round so you don't really need to worry at the Roval. How do you treat that race and maybe the next round knowing that?
KYLE BUSCH: Last year I thought we were going to be all right and finish okay, but then we all decided to follow everybody else off a cliff. It was pretty ugly. But overall just‑‑ you try to go into that race, it's a newer type of track, and I don't know that everybody has got it quite figured out exactly yet. With this new aero package it's going to be different and of course, too, with the new chicane it's going to be different. We can go out there and attack it and try to try to get a win, try to get some stage points, get ourselves a bit of a cushion here, I guess, more over the rest of the guys.

Q.A strong run today for Denny Hamlin and this 11 team and a third‑place finish to go along with it. Ultimately what were your teammates ahead of you able to do with your cars that you couldn't with yours?
DENNY HAMLIN: Just seemed like the long run speed they really had quite a bit more and a little bit more turn, a little bit more forward drive, just everything‑‑ every little bit. It just seemed like it was about a half a tenth a lap there on average, and the 78 just really‑‑ I'm sorry, 19 just had a really good long run car. We were kind of third best there, that's kind of where we ended up. Happy with maximizing the day that I thought I was capable of, and good effort, and we'll go to the Roval and have some fun now.

Q. 49 points you collected today, 55 points now above the cut line. How much assurance does that give you headed to the Roval?
DENNY HAMLIN: Pretty sure. You know, just go there, run a normal race, everything should be fine. We just try to move to the next round and go to work from there. I think we're really close to where we need to be. Every time we come back to a track for the second time, it seems like we run quite a bit better. Tonight we were just a hair off.

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