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September 20, 2019

Jack Sock

Patrick McEnroe

Denis Shapovalov

Geneva, Switzerland


6-3, 7-5

Team Europe - 3

Team World - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I guess the big thing you guys will be looking at is the missed conversions on the breakpoints. First time you guys played together. Just talk about the camaraderie you had together and this not being able to convert at so many important situations.
JACK SOCK: What, did we have a few breakpoints? (Smiling.)

Yeah, I knew we were going to have high energy. We both enjoy playing doubles. We are both, I would say, big personality players out there. We play big, we play aggressive, physical tennis.

Yeah, I mean, can't ask for much more. They said we had 16 breakpoints and only converted one. I thought Sascha served really well. I thought Roger was pretty close to nonhuman in that match.

Yeah, it was a tough one. We had chances, but, yeah, it stings a little bit, for sure.

Q. Denis, you have been playing a lot of doubles now. How do you feel being a doubles player now and being relied upon as a guy who can come out and play doubles like that?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, for me, it's kind of an honor to be out on the court playing both singles and doubles, especially with Jack, with a guy who has had so much history in doubles and so much success.

Honestly, just really fun to be on the court. Like he said, it stings, you know, losing a match like this where we had a lot of opportunities, but, you know, besides that, I think I had an unbelievable time playing with him.

JACK SOCK: It's mutual (smiling).

Q. A question goes to both of you. Is it different pressure to, you know, to play in this environment to a regular doubles or singles tournament? Was this maybe a factor in missing many chances?
JACK SOCK: I think the first probably question is, I mean, yeah, it's definitely different. We play for ourselves and our personal teams throughout the year, your family and all that.

Here you're playing for four or five other guys and your captains. Yeah, I mean, there is the pressure of the team? I definitely don't think that was a factor in not converting breakpoints in that match.

I think we've both played on a lot of big stages. This is my third year here and this is his second time here, so it's not like we are brand new to that court or that atmosphere.

Just didn't click on the points we needed to. Just kind of plain and simple.

DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Exactly the same thing, pretty much. Yeah, the pressure, pressure is definitely different here. It's a team environment. So definitely played, I think, a big part today.

Q. A question to Patrick. Could you just make a sort of a roundup of this first day for Team World and what lessons you get?
VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: Well, the lesson is we've got to win the big points, but we have learned that lesson before. We have to try to convert them.

The guys fought back well. We were down a set and a break and had a bunch of set points at 4-5, and we would be in a tiebreak. That's doubles, especially. Obviously we see that in the singles, too, that we have been close, but especially in doubles it literally comes down to one or two points.

I was really happy with the way the guys battled back, because they were down a set and looked like it was going to be over pretty quickly. They bounced back and had a chance to win it. Didn't go our way.

We are just down two points. If we can get a win or two in singles tomorrow to start off the day, we'll be right back in it.

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