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September 20, 2019

Taylor Fritz

Patrick McEnroe

Geneva, Switzerland


6-2, 1-6, 10-7

Team Europe - 2

Team World - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Taylor, that was very close. Can you just comment on the way you played and how you felt things went in this match?
TAYLOR FRITZ: You know, I had a really slow start. Just that first games, couple forehand mistakes that I just wouldn't normally make.

And then, you know, definitely tough to come back from a break immediately down. He was serving well. Definitely took me some time to get used to his ball, his serve, kind of the patterns we were playing in the rallies, what was going to work for me.

So I came out in the second set feeling pretty on his serve and I feel like I knew what I was trying to do with my patterns and just playing a lot better, kind of feeling used to his ball. And so I played really well in the second set. Really imposed my game well on him and, you know, I didn't give him much.

And then the third-set breaker maybe could have served a little better in the beginning. I did a good job on his serve, winning points on his serve. I think that serve at 6-5, that second serve that he hit that I missed, it came really slow, and at that point I kind of started thinking he's, you know, he's a bit nervous.

So I got a little bit tentative, and I think it became a little bit too much about not losing as, you know, not beating myself instead of me kind of going out there and winning it like I was in the second.

You know, I wish I would have just gone after my shots, and if I lost that 10-pointer really going after it, then I'd be a bit better.

Q. To Patrick, what do you think has been the most surprising result of today of the first three singles? And also, since it's ten years, September 2009, that no American or only Europeans have won slams. Do you think this challenge is a little difficult for the World Team?
VICE-CAPTAIN PATRICK McENROE: Well, there is no doubt it's difficult, but there is also no doubt that we believe we can do it. And when you look at the two matches we have lost today, both were in super-tiebreaks, one of which we had a couple of match points in, in the first match.

Obviously, I mean, I don't think any of the results were that surprising. Obviously Jack Sock hasn't played a lot of singles this year, so for him to win in straight sets maybe was a surprise, a good one for us, but I expected him to play well. Fabio didn't have a great day certainly in the first set. He played better in the second set.

So we believe we can win it. Obviously we know we're the underdogs for the weekend. They've got a lot of top players on their team, but I think we have proven already that we belong. So we've got to do a better job of winning those big points in the tiebreaks. That has been tough for us not only so far today but in the last couple of years, as well.

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