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September 21, 2019

Ross Fisher

Surrey, England

Q. Thoughts on that finish on 18?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, it was pretty surreal. 4-iron just right off the fairway. Just trying to hit it just a little bit right of the pin, and actually tugged it a little bit left. Wasn't sure whether it was going to, sort of looked away, and crowd's reaction told the rest of the story, the massive roars and cheers, know it's gone in, and to win the BMW i8, still a bit shocking.

Q. Nice to have the family and friends witnessing that shot?
ROSS FISHER: It's pretty special to have Jo and the kids, Harry and Eve, and have friends here, treating them this weekend. So Sue, Jamie, their two girls, and it's the first experience for them coming to a golf tournament. What a golf tournament to come to; one of the most prestigious that we play in through the year, and for them to witness me playing the back nine, and the last, there will be a few drinks going on tonight, I would say.

Q. Your reaction, as you said, maybe you weren't amazingly happy with the shot. Is it the best average shot you've ever hit around here?
ROSS FISHER: Oh, no, it was the best-best shot I've ever hit by a long way. It was pretty special, growing up here, playing as a kid since '94 for 15 years. Had a couple of chances of winning the tournament. Lost to Casey in 2009 when I shot 64 on Sunday. Hit a lovely 3-wood in there, I think it was. So to be hitting driver, 4-iron in today, making two -- take a little while to sink in but feels pretty sweet.

Just another day at the office. Pretty quiet, pretty poor on the front nine and started to play half decent on the back nine. 66 was a nice score.

Q. Talk us through 18?
ROSS FISHER: 200 front, 225 pin. Perfect 4-iron. I hit it and I thought I had pulled it. Thankfully the wind was off the left, so I sort of looked away. Obviously dead center.

Q. You have a great history with this place. How cool to be a daddy superstar today?
ROSS FISHER: It was amazing, yeah. Joe's here, Harry and Eve and we've got family, friends. It's Sue's birthday today. All staying down the road with their two girls. It's the first time they have been to a golf tournament believe it or not. I said, it's not always like this, but this is our Flagship Event, our most prestigious tournament to play in all year round, so it's pretty cool. Obviously to go and do that on the back nine, I think they pretty enjoyed their day.

Q. Albatross, what a way to finish.
ROSS FISHER: It was a nice way to finish, sign off. If only I could sort myself out on the front nine, it would be less stressful. What a roller coaster day. You know, pretty dreadful on the front nine after taking 6 and 8 and just caught fire and made four birdies in a row. Made a couple of nice birdies, lovely one on 15 and and hit the second shot on 18. Slightly pulled it, looked away in disgust thinking it was too far left, and I heard the crowd's reaction as obviously it made the carry and the big cheer, I just looked at Lee and it was like, oh, my God, it's gone in, won the car. Still a bit shocked really. Just surreal. What a great day.

Q. 29 on the way back in, special stuff around here, isn't it?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I've been playing here since I was a kid, '94, for 15 years I was a member here. I was attached here. I've had some good scores. 64 on Sunday to finish second to Casey in 2009. But that blows it away. Don't think I've ever come close to 29. Obviously a two on 18 is a pretty special way to finish off, and especially with Jo and Harry and Eve and the family, friends, here to come out, their first golf tournament to come watch, our family, friends, Sue's birthday today, so happy birthday to Sue. Their first experience, and what an experience, to see me play that and hole a second shot, albatross. There will be a few celebrations tonight, but I'll have to come back and try and do it again tomorrow.

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