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September 21, 2019

Danny Willett

Surrey, England

Q. How do you assess it?
DANNY WILLETT: It was good fun. A few up-and-downs, but crowds are great. Me and Jon played some good golf. We're in for another good day tomorrow.

Q. 15, your reaction said it all. That was quite the recovery?
DANNY WILLETT: Had to take the drop in there. Off the tee, it was a good tee shot. Luckily we didn't hit anyone. Hit someone on Thursday. Nice to get a position and have some shot to pull off, always a bonus.

Q. Tomorrow, going head-to-head with Jon, is there an element of that, or do you take yourself out of that kind of moment?
DANNY WILLETT: Not quite sure. We've got a three-shot lead over third. Potentially but we are just going to go play some good golf, try and have a bit of fun and see where we are at. Weather is not supposed to be as good tomorrow and you have other elements and factors in there. Go back, rest up.

Q. You know this place well, and with the weather, what's going to be key and how much does your knowledge of this place perhaps play in your favor?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, obviously you've seen there's been some good scoring today if the weather does come in like it's supposed to and obviously that scoring is going to change. Then I think it's just a very different mind-set. 15-under for me and Jon over three days is pretty low scoring around here. It's usually nowhere near that.

Yeah, probably a different mind-set of what is a good score. Par will be a pretty good number if the edge we are is not very good. If you can sneak a couple in there, that would be great. Like I said, don't know yet, hopefully it blows over and doesn't come in. Hopefully the fans get another great day of golf.

Par 68, great score. If you go out and shoot 68 in the lead, it's nice to still be up there. Played some good golf today and I think we've given ourselves a little bit of breathing room from third, fourth and fifth. It was a pretty good day all around.

8 was lovely. Had 140 to tried to hit a little dreary 9-iron and tried to use that little bank. Not the best of tee shots in there but trying to take that tee shot on a little more because I've seen a lot of people drop in the drop zone. It's a really treacherous second shot. Not quite pulled the tee shot off yet this week.

This is our biggest tournament of the year for the British guys who play the European Tour. This is a massive event. I've been here now ten straight years and I love the place and the crowds were amazing. Like I said, I've won all around the world in different countries, and it would be amazing to try and qualify for the home crowd. Jon is up there, he's an incredible player, only been on Tour for three or four years and already done some exceptional things. It's going to be a pretty tough battle tomorrow.

We hit some good golf shots in and around and hit a couple of poor ones. There's a lot of good golf between me, Jon and Christiaan. Nice the fans got to interacting. A couple had too many at the end of the day, but no, it was good fun out there. They are obviously in your favour, so nobody got anything bad. They are just loud and they are trying to see some good golf, and I think we did that. Last couple groups, made some nice scores and did some fancy things.

We've had perfect weather all week and tomorrow is supposed to turn a bit. You're never quite sure until you wake up if the forecast is going to be right or we're going to get lucky and miss it. Wait to see what the weather brings us and go from there.

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