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September 21, 2019

Jon Rahm

Surrey, England

Q. Thoughts on your rounds overall?
JON RAHM: Happy I made par on 18. It's a nice finish in that sense. Besides the last two holes -- actually, besides the last basically the last seven strokes, really, the rest of the round was almost bulletproof. I played really good golf. I had a good plan going and if I had finished properly -- I mean, I'm not even asking for birdies.

There's two pars, and having a one-shot lead -- but still, it's a lot of golf to come. It's a tricky golf course and 18 holes tomorrow with Danny being tied with me playing solid, and the guys behind us, only three shots back, close, it's going to be a tough day. We're going to have to play really, really good golf to win this event and I hope I can live up to it.

Q. You've been in this position a couple times now. What have you learned?
JON RAHM: Each time is different. Every experience you learn. This one, I haven't thought about it yet. My mind is still a little bit on what happened the last two holes. I'll reflect and focus on tomorrow. I know the weather forecast isn't that great so it might be a mind battle and just grind it around.

Each time is very different and I'm just glad I have a chance and enjoy every single moment of it.

Q. With rain and wind, would you rather be in the position that you are with those conditions?
JON RAHM: Yeah. I mean, it is true that, you know, those kind of conditions are better to make up shots, but it's easier when you're having a good day to wake up shots. Still when you're in the lead and you have a good day, it's easier to defend it. At the end of the day you need to come out and play go golf. Again, it's going to be a grind. It's going to be tough. But it's not only going to be tough for me; it's going to be the same for everybody.

I hope I can just keep myself and what I have to be thinking on, and just try it again and try to battle a good round out there.

Q. Well-played today. How important was that putt on 18?
JON RAHM: I honestly, it's easy to think he's tied for the lead or and that, or keep my one-shot lead before Danny putted, but I didn't want to finish with two bogeys on two par 5s. It's as simple as that. More than that putt, it was very important that that shot I hit from the trees, well, basically from the bushes, to keep it on the fairway, to get out there and hit a shot like I did, it's easy to bail out right and hopefully an up-and-down. I just stayed in it and ended up hitting the perfect 6-iron. I think that process of just sticking to what I had to do and keeping the confidence in my mind and what I had to do basically helped on the last putt.

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